Transformation Make-Up

Transformation Make-up

Transformation Make-up

The world of cross dresser make-up is full of delightful and enticing challenges for any girl as she seeks to express her femininity to the full. Get your transformation make-up right and you will be the belle of the ball, the cat’s whiskers, and the apple of so many eyes. You may use make-up to emphasise or accentuate a part of yourself – as is so often the case with lips or eyelashes – or to disguise a less appealing feature such as that troublesome shadow on the upper lip or chin.

Transformation make-up preparations are so important if you are to achieve the look you desire: and one major cosmetics company recommends a common-sense three-step approach: ‘cleanse’ to freshen your skin; ‘exfoliate’ to remove older skin and the more stubborn traces of oil and pollution; ‘moisturize’ to ensure that your skin is in tip-top condition before you apply your transformation make-up. Do remember ladies that preparation is an all-important key to a perfect transformation make-up; and if needed do shave as close as possible just before you do the final moisturise.

Camouflage and Concealment Transformation Make-up

All ladies must learn to use cosmetics as camouflage, not to completely cover everything up, but to enhance the femme within you to the best of your ability. An ordinary liquid foundation may not be sufficient to prevent those five o’clock shadows emerging. Several transformation make-up products with greater opacity are available such as ‘Dermacolor’ or ‘Dermablend’. Dermablend does really great smooth liquid camouflage concealers in 5 shades to provide seamless, flawless camouflage in an ultra-smooth finish.

Typically these are waterproof transformation make-up products designed to provide exceptionally good coverage. There are also foundational products: concealers which target acne, blemishes and acne scarring. Also areas of hyperpigmentation and dark spots plus freckles too, although I think freckles showing through your transformation make-up somehow look cute. The area under and around the eyes should not be neglected: transformation make-up is terrific when you need to disguise the darkness under your eyes or to provide a base for eye shadows above the eyes or eyelids.

You have four transformation make-up options open to you as you try to decide which products may be best for you. First: research on the Internet, remembering that every company is trying to make a sale, but some offer excellent advice. Several major companies have ‘chat lines’ open where you can speak directly to a consultant without feeling you are being pressured into a purchase. And again, there are many videos available demonstrating applications, on either company websites or YouTube. Second: walking up to the beautician in a store and asking for advice; and of course most will want to make a sale too.

But you know that these girls are just doing this job because they are passionate about make-up and just chatting to them is really valuable experience for anyone looking for the right kind of transformation make-up – you will get lots of good advice for free, and enjoy the bonus of a really ‘girlie’ chat as well. Third: camouflage and concealment make-up applications; some stores offer this as a free service (but may put you under a little pressure to buy their products): and learn the golden rule for all under cover girlies and crossdressers, the busier the store the less you will be noticed! Four: book a dressing service appointment or transformation make-up lesson with me – no stress, no anxiety; just perfect pampering and brilliant transformation make-up advice.

Adding Transformation Make-up Emphasis

There are many ways of bringing out the best in your transformation make-up. These are just a few tips. A little blusher swept across the upper cheek can add that touch of colour, producing a natural effect and giving a sense of feminine prominence to the cheek bones. This can be as strong or as discrete as you like, but it does provide an extremely desirable glow to your transformation make-up. Eyeliner along the line of the upper eyelashes can give create the effect of a wider eye look. This does not need to be too bold or too thick nor does it need to extend along the entire eyelash line, unless you want it to of course: it all depends on what suits you.

For a dramatic look use a pencil eyeliner and smudge it in a little. Liquid eyeliners can be somewhat hap-hazard so be careful as the liquid can go everywhere. Eyeliners with their contrast between the whites of your eyes and the dark colour of the eyeliner can enhance and brighten the eyes, drawing attention to them. They can add an air of feminine mystery or a dark sultry look. Eye shadow offers a perfect transformation make-up solution for any crossdressing girl. The range of choices and colours available is vast, so much choice.

Some paler colours are meant for transformation make-up daytime use and other more dramatic colours, perhaps with a dash of sparkle, are more suitable for night-time. Getting your eyelash transformation make-up right is oh-so-important and there is a whole page on this website on this topic: check it out as you read about eyelash tints, mascara, false eyelashes, extensions and perms, eyelash curlers and so much more. Eyebrows can be tricky but again practice makes perfect and this will need some thought on your part.

A little shaping can work wonders and some beauty therapists can give you a shape which is neutral between masculine and feminine, allowing you to face the world with confidence however you dress. You may need no transformation make-up at all on your eyebrows. Or the lightest touch of eyebrow shading. Only if they have been shaped in a very feminine style will you need to consider the use of transformation make-up eyebrow pencils, gels or powders to enhance your eyebrows. Transformation make-up lip liner, lipsticks and lip gloss will all draw attention to your fabulous lips. Don’t just sit there, practice your pout and pucker up.

Lip liner can be used to provide a great base for lipstick and gloss: setting the boundaries and borders providing a perfect shape. Of course more trial and error, but hey if you never try then you will never know. Lipstick both enhances and protects those lips. And gloss gives that wonderful sheen and if you so desire sparkle. Again, a massive range of choices is laid before you. Finding out what suits you best means basically trying them out. Knowing that for different looks and different occasions you will need different approaches to your transformation make-up products for your lips.

All of this can seem a little overwhelming at first. Like any girl starting out you must expect to make the odd mistake with your transformation make-up and not worry about it. Lots of practice and hopefully before too long it will be more trial than error. And don’t forget, I am standing by to give you all the transformation make-up help and advice you need during a crossdressing service appointment or just complete my enquiry form.

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