Smooth Crossdressing Skin

Hello Charlotte,

I have a question about unwanted hair. What is the best way to remove this? Is the answer a cream or preparation that prevents or slows down regrowth?

Any advice to help me achieve smooth crossdressing skin?

Rebel xx

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Dear Rebel,

The answer depends upon how your body responds and how deep your purse might be. Waxing to achieve smooth crossdressing skin is right for some, laser treatment for others, shaving for some, creams for others.

When waxing is done professionally, the costs can mount up over time and the high price of a course of laser treatment suddenly looks more reasonable.

Waxing Legs

Waxing Legs

Laser treatment works best on darker hair. But not all hairs and roots will disappear even after a course of six treatments: occasional ‘maintenance’ treatments are often needed. Even so, after a course of treatments the hair is usually finer and less noticeable producing smooth crossdressing skin.

Waxing (removing the hair and its roots completely) will tend to thin the hair and make it less prolific. And for men, trying to wax the strongest hair of all, the beard, is going to be a real problem in the pursuit of smooth crossdressing skin. A downside of waxing is the occasional in-growing hair and the ugly blemishes which this causes: exfoliation helps to prevent this and help you achieve smooth crossdressing skin. Of course, the other downside of waxing is the ouch-factor.

Threading is becoming increasingly popular, with twisted threads tugging hairs gently out. But this works best on limited areas of growth, for example when your eyebrows are being shaped.

Shaving Legs

Shaving Legs

Hair removal or depilatory creams such as Nair can be bought in most pharmacies and are fairly effective: but unlike using wax which removes the entire hair, the root in unlikely to be affected by creams – they tend to ‘dissolve’ the outward growth only, so regrowth is a usually little faster than after waxing and that smooth crossdressing skin does not last. However, the skin is certainly much smoother than after shaving. And you can buy ‘gentler’ removal creams for the face or intimate parts of the body.

A patch test is always recommended by the manufacturers: you just don’t know how your smooth crossdressing skin will react. And this goes for other approaches using chemicals too.

There are other products on the market. Gigi or Vaniqa are ones which are said to inhibit regrowth, but these usually need to be applied after waxing. It works on the root area itself – after the hair is gone. So shaving before use will be ineffective and will not give you that perfectly smooth crossdressing skin. The USA manufacturers make great claims for this skin product, which is not currently available in UK pharmacies but can be available on prescription or may be purchased online.

Of course there are many ‘alternative’ approaches to smooth crossdressing skin which have been tried, many using ‘natural’ methods to reduce the male hormones. The hormones responsible for hair growth or stimulate or mimic the female hormones which help to create smooth crossdressing skin. Spearmint, wild yam, soya, and all sorts of other herbal remedies have been tried out, some argue with success. But if you are tempted, remember that arsenic and cyanide are also natural!

And you should always seek expert medical advice before any kind of experimentation in your quest for smooth crossdressing skin. Indeed whatever you decide is best, you should check first with a qualified doctor about possible side effects and whether it is right for you and especially so if you are taking any kind of medication.

I do hope that helps to answer your smooth crossdressing skin question.

Love and kisses,

Charlotte xx