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What could be more delightful then dressing up in the most sensual and feminine clothes during a sissy crossdressing service appointment with JJ? And is there any fabric quite as feminine as satin? In perfectly delicious pastel colours. Perhaps sky or baby blue? And what about powder or pale pink? Gorgeous! Now add lots of ruffles and petticoat layers and bows. The hems of your skirt and petticoats sitting just over the tops of your ivory or white stockings. Your marabou mules, fluffy and appealing or possible a pair of Mary Jane’s giving your just a little elevation.

Long satin gloves providing an additional touch of glamour for your sissy crossdressing service appointment. And underneath you can feel the delicious femininity of the wonderful matching lingerie provided by JJ for this exquisite experience. Just as with other dressing appointments you may book JJ’s Bronze (2 hour), Silver (3 hour) or Gold (4 hour) for her sissy crossdressing service: just check out the Prices page for details. And remember every item in JJ’s extensive wardrobe is of the very best: only the highest quality is good enough for her girls and you know you love to be pampered and preened to perfection.

You have dreamed of this moment. JJ has used her professional make-up skills to create such a feminine look for you. You have been dressed by her in the most wonderful sissy crossdressing service maid’s uniform. You have never felt so alive. And as you turn to the full-length mirror in JJ’s luxurious apartment, you can’t hardly believe your eyes. Is that really you? Cute, adorable, good enough to eat: sugar and spice and all things nice! You twirl and curtsey and twirl again, as you find it difficult not laugh out loud with such sissy crossdressing service joy and what a cute pretty girl you will look.

Sissy Maid Crossdressing Service

Sissy Maid Crossdressing Service

JJ will unlock something quite special within you. Your desire deep within you to be frivolously, fabulously feminine. Not today that sophisticated look in the little black dress, or the blushing bride, or the totally efficient secretary in satin blouse and pencil skirt, or even something a little slinky and naughty. Today is your sissy crossdressing service day. So what colour suits you best in your sissy crossdressing service frills and finery? Pink or blue, cerise or possible red? Or perhaps something more dramatic.

And how will you look in the black and white of a pretty French maid’s uniform? You are overwhelmed with happiness and pleasure. If you had time you would try on every sissy crossdressing service outfit in JJ’s wonderful wardrobe? Of course you would. The sissy crossdressing service includes: professionally applied make-up; a choice of wigs from JJ’s extensive collection; beautiful lingerie – silks and satins and lace; the finest silicone breast forms; stockings and mules or high heels; access to JJ’s awesome array of pretty sissy dresses; and, of course, throughout your appointment JJ’s expert, ultra-feminine and incredibly sympathetic guidance.

Whoops nearly forgot the all-important tight lacing corset to go under that delicious decadent dress and the crossdressing service has a large collection of corsets in various sizes and colours to choose from. To book a sissy crossdressing service appointment is just so easy. Now decide whether you want two, three or four hours to perfect your sissy maid satin look. Just call JJ to make that fantastic appointment which will change the way you see yourself. How can you resist the irresistible? And please not girls that all the sissy crossdressing service uniforms you see on these pages are actually owned by JJ’s sissy crossdressing service, a fantastic choice in a variety of sizes.

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