Luxurious Feminine Transformation Boudoir

I just had to let all you girls know about my wonderful feminine transformation time spent at JJ’s dressing service recently. Years ago I might not have plucked up the courage to arrange my appointment, still less to cross the threshold to her luxurious feminine transformation boudoir. But even in those days I would have found that I need not have worried.

Feminine Transformation Nina

My nerves were still racing a little as I entered, from sheer anticipation of another truly fabulous feminine transformation. The warmth of JJ’s welcome and our relaxed introductory chat over a drink worked their usual soothing magic. What a friendly, calm, immaculately dressed and beautiful lady. It felt very natural chatting casually about the attraction of feminine clothes and fabrics. I find it hard to decide whether I love the soft feel of nylon, satin and silk in their own right during my feminine transformation, or whether its the fact that it is still a little exotic, precious, secret and taboo that explains the tingle and thrill I get from rolling fine denier stockings up my smooth legs and clipping them to a figure-hugging feminine transformation corset. I guess were all somewhere along that spectrum.

Anyway, for today, after saying that I had trouble deciding between colours and styles, we agreed that this was a day for pink and lacy feminine transformation lingerie. Within minutes I was changing out of my male clothes and persona and into beautiful lace trimmed panties, bra, stockings, flowery slip and negligee ready for my makeover. JJ has clearly thought long and hard about how to make the whole feminine transformation experience as relaxing and comfortable as possible. She’s an expert beautician who takes the time needed to achieve amazing transformations. And this is time in which I was totally relaxed, almost drifting along on a pink frilly cloud as she did my nails, and gently massaged moisturising cream into my face, hands and arms. As the face cream went to work, setting into a deep cleansing mask I lay back as if in a warm cocoon, sensing little more than calm music in the background, the scent of a candle, and the feeling of my nylon-clad legs. A state of feminine transformation bliss!

Feminine Transformation

After peeling off the mask JJ set to work on my eyes, lashes, cheeks and lips and what a change she brought about: her feminine transformation magic was working as always. The crowning glory was the wigs. How on earth was I meant to choose the best out of half a dozen by marking them out of ten, when they ALL made me look and feel like a beautiful woman? But we settled on a gorgeous flowing and bouncy blond wig, which really brought out the subtle colour co-ordination between my make-up and underwear. After some feminine transformation portrait shots JJ then presented me with a sumptuous change of lingerie: an incredibly delicate bra of silk folds and lace, a pink slip as fine as gossamer and an equally floaty long peach feminine transformation negligee brought back from one of her foreign excursions.

Just being helped into these exquisite feminine transformation clothes was a joy, then I luxuriated in them on the couch while posing for the camera again. JJ seemed apologetic that it took a while to get the right shots and she certainly knows how to achieve that but as far as I was concerned she could take all the time she liked! That was the thing none of the experience felt at all hurried or rushed. Many of us spend enough time in the outside world rushing around taking care of other responsibilities and this was a total contrast. It was ‘me’ time – where the me was Lady Nina, made to feel beautiful, pampered and incredibly feminine by a lovely, highly skilled, gentle and welcoming expert. Thank you so much JJ I am sure I will be back for my next feminine transformation.

Lady Nina xxx