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Gender Identity

Gender Identity

Gender Identity


A few years ago I was diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria after struggling with my gender identity from an early age. I’ve struggled with it as I look rather masculine but feel very feminine, I want to look as amazing as every other woman.

I’m a woman and I need to finally learn how to dress like a woman, especially learn what not to wear and most importantly look amazing. I know you won’t be able to work miracles but I’ll take what I can get.

I’m currently unemployed so I won’t be able to partake of your amazing dressing service until I get a new job. I just wanted to reach out and say hello, hoping you might be able to help with my gender identity disorder problems.
Take Care.

I haven’t been able to pick a femme name that I’m happy with.

My birth name is David. x


Dear ???,

Well, the first thing to do is name you. I don’t like talking to a dramatic pause in the naming process. If you like the sound of your birth name then you could stay reasonably close to that with Davina, Dee or even Donna. But here are three more: you might choose one of these and love it for the rest of your life. Classy Dominique, great if your complexion is a little sultry. Michelle, my belle, if you ever were a Beatles fan. Or Katherine with a K. And if you don’t like any of these, get a baby book, close your eyes, open at a random page and stick in a pin: let fate decide: but no cheating or peaking and no second attempts. Even if you end up as Gertrude or Esmerelda. And don’t stick the pin in your hand. But, until you decide, you are my beautiful Michelle.

I do understand your feelings, wanting to be a complete woman but walking around like a man. Wanting to wax your legs. Wanting to feel feminine and fabulous and throw those oh-so-dull men’s clothes into the nearest skip. Wanting to escape the dull masculine and embrace your female gender identity, wearing frilly and frivolous lingerie and dresses, celebrating your femininity. Feeling the wind around your legs as you walk down the street with your high heels clicking on the pavements. You want to break free from gender identity constraints but you feel so pressured by all around you. And sometimes, trapped by your gender identity anxieties, it is so difficult to think clearly.

Gender identity lesson one: as I am sure you are learning, being a complete woman is not going to come easily, the tranformations of all parts of your body take a great deal of time and effort. Starting out as you assert your female gender identity you will make lots of mistakes, like any young girl learning to be a woman will do. But as you begin this wonderful gender identity journey, just as I have seen in so many others before, you will feel fantastic every step of the way.

Gender identity lesson two: you can try to do this the cheap and not-so-cheerful way, trawling through Internet website after Internet website for advice on Gender Dysphoria: trust me, my darling Michelle, you are likely to screw up big time – you need a real person at your side not a computer: with your intuition that you need JJ to guide you have hit the top of that proverbial gender identity nail. You need someone who knows your desires and dreams and also your secret fears inside-out. JJ will make your gender identity dreams come true.

Gender identity lesson three: there is no such thing as a free gender identity lunch: so, do start looking for that job to pay the rent. And when you have it: no smoking, no drinking, no holidays: because the real fun will come with learning to think like a woman, to act like a woman, and to feel like a woman. And then spoiling your feminine self! All women love to be spoiled. I certainly do.

Gender identity lesson four: looking amazing comes from within: so try one of JJ’s feminizing gender identity hypnosis MP3s – and you will begin to build that inner feminine self-confidence.

So dearest Michelle, time to get a grip and get that job, earn that money, and get cracking with the rest of your life as a woman: that way you will really begin to resolve your gender identity worries and the gender dysmorphia will just fade away.

And when you are ready, JJ will be waiting to be your guide and teacher and friend.

Charlotte xx