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They say that a picture that is worth a thousand words. That the radiant beauty of a woman itself may launch a thousand ships. That a thousand thousand gleaming starlight fires might capture our very souls. So here in my crossdressing service gallery you will see pictures of beauty which flows from the inner woman of my girls.  Of course, there are words which are worth a thousand pictures. The poetry of John Keats and Byron and Sylvia Plath and so many others speak to our very hearts, often as if we are in waking dreams. Yet there is something so special about the beauty revealed in a picture: here there is a crossdressing service gallery immediacy which captures our emotions.

In these crossdressing service gallery pictures you will see far more the essential feminine spirit. You will see ten thousand-fold happiness and joy. For each one of my crossdressing service gallery girls is able to express the woman within them, without anxiety or judgement. When they enter my apartment, my girls push away the masculine dullness which dominates so much of their lives. The drabness of the male persona is flung aside as they embrace so wonderfully their femininity.


Many girls ask me to take photographs of their transformations from male to female. When speaking to them about their hopes and dreams, I get to understand them from the inside out. And photographing them is just another way of getting to know them: but now from the outside in. What I try to capture though is that special moment of femininity which radiates outwards. My girls are astonished when they see just how beautiful they are. The transformations are such that not even their own mothers would recognise them! There is a touch of marvelous vanity in all women; and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. We all love to be admired and praised. For some, the photographs are simply a personal, private record and not for my crossdressing service gallery. But some do want other T-girls to see the amazing results of their dressing appointment with me through my crossdressing service gallery.

I aim to give each of my girls the self-confidence to think, act and feel like a woman. And being able to present yourself to others in a crossdressing service gallery picture that speaks a thousand words is just one way of demonstrating that self-confidence.  In this crossdressing service gallery you will find girls of all kinds, for there is no stereotypical crossdresser. Sophisticated girls, flirty girls, secretarial girls, brides, sissy maids, girls dressed to kill or in to-die-for prom gowns. Crossdressing service gallery girls simply having fun being feminine in so many different ways. Why not join them?