Femme Transformation

How to describe a visit to JJ’s femme transformation studio? It is hard to put into words but I will have a go, nevertheless.

Life, it is often said, is a journey, from birth to death through many phases, many challenges and so many adventures. For some of us, and if you are reading this you may well be in this group, there is life within life and, if we are fortunate, rebirth within your journey. Before my femme transformation, I was a mere shadow, functioning as an ethereal sub-consciousness. So often I felt a chrysalis; locked within a prison, approaching my transformation but not yet able to understand the awe and majesty of my emergence into the brilliant light of day: the radiance of femme transformation.

Femme Transformation

My first success? Finding the courage to ring JJ, to discover to my delight that she could not be kinder, nicer, more understanding.  Gently encouraging me towards that moment of femme transformation. Still, in front of me was the delicious fear of travelling to her femme transformation studio: would I dare go? Would I see my true self reaching outwards to embrace me in front of my own eyes? Or would I be forever doomed to the shadow worlds?

Come the day electricity shot through my body as I drove to JJ’s femme transformation studio. But could Pamela emerge? What does she look like in the light of day? What would happen next? So many femme transformation questions.

The phone call to announce my arrival: yes, my arrival: oh how I failed to comprehend what that meant! I truly had no idea what that would happen. I had been treading warily, wading clumsily through my sea of anxieties. Each step made so difficult by my needless worries. If I had known then what I have come to see so clearly now, I would have floated joyfully up the stairs on my very own cloud.

Entering the femme transformation studio, I found such a lovely welcome. Immediately I was at my ease. JJ is such a lovely person and knows exactly how a girl feels on her first visit. I don’t think I even appreciated until afterwards what a haven the femme transformation studio was from the first moment.

I looked at Paul in the mirror one last time and waved an imaginary goodbye. Slipping on the oh-so-feminine underwear was a delicious delight beyond my wildest imaginations. Then to sit and chat with JJ, put further at my ease without even realising it. Soon, the make-up. Now I could see Pamela slowly, more confidently emerging at each moment. The wig was the femme transformation pièce de résistance for me, the moment I truly saw Pamela. JJ visualised how I would look well before I could see for myself; and she expertly guided me to the right choice. Then to try on the clothes: oh, such heaven, such fun! No concept of time or space or an external world.  Just me, Pamela, with JJ and in femme transformation raptures.

How could 2 hours rush by 10 seconds? Why does time fly past at the speed of light when every precious golden moment needs to be savoured?

Oh-so-reluctantly I shed my new-found femme skin and replaced the dull chrysalis disguise. But one more massive delight awaited for Pamela: she is no longer a shadow, no longer ethereal. Now I am Pamela, disguised for a while as Paul, but aware and in control. A butterfly wearing a caterpillar cloak but ready whenever she can to emerge once more.

How could any femme transformation be better? How could anything be better? Well, after floating away from my first visit, armed with a hug and a new found belief, all I could think about was returning.

I am writing this the day after my second visit and I can only say that my femme transformation experience was even more wonderful. Yesterday there was no more anxiety, no more fears. I shed my caterpillar skin so easily and found an even more beautiful me – new clothes, more time to sit and chat and just be me.

There is something about her femme transformation studio, accentuated by JJ herself that is a sanctuary, a haven, an island far removed from external influences. To say I felt at home is to state the obvious. I felt an everlasting relaxation, a sense of belonging: my spirit had alighted into a fresh world ready to receive me, to hold me safe, full of joy.

This time I stayed for 3 hours but it was never enough – I had no concept of time until JJ reluctantly whispered it was time to go. Never have I wished to prolong an experience so much, never had I wished that a femme transformation moment could be captured forever and re-lived ad infinitum.

Pamela is alive and oh-so-happy. Armed with some truly wonderful photos and her own Facebook identity. The future, well, as JJ said, it should be approached step-by-step, enjoying each femme transformation step.

I cannot wait to come back, for four hours next time, and I am now thinking of escorted shopping trips too. I found my own femme transformation utopia but I’m happy to share it with all of you because it’s too wonderful to keep secret. This butterfly will live her life to the full again and again.

Enjoy your femme transformation, as I have and will.

Pamela x