Dressing Service Manchester

“Open your eyes.”

Twice already, I have listened to this soft command during my wonderful visits to the dressing service Manchester. Each time, I have opened my eyes and exclaimed in delighted surprise at the girl in the mirror. But this time, there is a difference. I can’t even speak. I am utterly spellbound by the image before me: the blond hair falling down gently towards my shoulders; the vivid red lipstick accentuating the shade of my earrings; the pearls around my neck. Never before have I experienced such a storm of emotion. I feel like laughing and crying. I feel the joy of womanhood. I feel a feminine tenderness deep within me. I feel simply wonderful.

Crossdressing Service Huddersfield

Crossdressing Service Huddersfield presents the stunning T-girl Faye.

I hear her dressing service Manchester voice again: “How do you feel? What do you think?” Oh, I feel so much and can hardly contain my emotions. Thoughts? But there so many running through my mind. Jo, my mentor, my dressing service Manchester guide and confidante, chuckles indulgently. I look in the mirror again. The invisible me for so long now made visible. She is me. A slow warm wave of pleasure rises inside me and covers me in a blush.

Cross Dressing Service Photographs

Cross Dressing Service Photographs with a shopping trip to Victoria’s Secret store.

Quickly, Jo grabs her camera and starts to take pictures of these oh-so-precious dressing service Manchester moments of pure happiness. The first picture, when I see it later, brings back those moments perfectly! Everyone should at least try this cross dressing Manchester service once, you will never look back and want to visit time and time again.

Dressing Service Manchester hosts Marianne

The lovely Marianne at the Dressing Service Manchester

This is Jo’s skill and her art. So much of this transformation took place earlier in the gentle questioning and the sometimes gentle and sometimes stern correctives to my doubts and self-put downs, ‘his’ last attempts to regroup and to defend himself against the insistent femininity of my dressing service Manchester self, the true me.

Marrianne in satin at the Dressing Service Manchester

Marianne at the Dressing Service Manchester in wonderful pale blue satin blouse

Then the physical acts, quickly changing into lingerie, and shyly emerging to the long pampering and soft exfoliation of my male skin. Next, softly singing, Jo came close to begin the task of making up my naked face. Her confident dressing service Manchester fingers, her subtle scent, her sweet voice and her impeccable style and beauty, operating so intimately collapsed ‘his’ last defences without ‘him’ even noticing. That image looking back at me in the mirror completed my escape, my dressing service Manchester rebirth!

Of course, I still have much to do. I look at some of the pictures and look at myself and think of the changes I want to make. Losing more weight, learning how to walk in heels, learning how to accessorise! So much to do; but so much fun to do it. Such a delicious sense of feminine purpose! Is ‘he’ gone? No, but he now respects my dressing service Manchester space.

Pearls for Marianne at the Dressing Service Manchester

The wonderful Marianne at the Dressing Service Manchester wearing pearls.

Already I am thinking about the outfits I shall wear on my next visit to the dressing service Manchester. This time a silky blouse and pencil skirt. Next time perhaps a long evening dress? This time the pure ivory white of my lingerie. Next time something a little more daring in black or red?

So thank you again Jo, and to anyone making their own journey towards femininity and to help you reveal your true inner self, make Jo’s Dressing Service Manchester at least a stop on your route.

Much love
Marianne xxx

Crossdressing Kisses

Crossdressing Kisses