Dresser Service

And so it was that I suddenly had the opportunity for a day off for myself, more importantly a day for Jessica.  I’d always been curious about cross-dressing since a very early age but had never really had the opportunity to explore my own femininity except on one other occasion several years ago where I was out on the road and left to my own devices over a weekend where it just so happened I was staying two or three miles from a nice lady who loved to dress girls like us and had her own dressers service. Most of the time I’d had to make do with buying a few things in drab during business trips around the U.K.  I’d usually end up purchasing a few pairs of panties, a skirt and sometimes a pair of tights and end up parading around my hotel room usually cursing that the look wasn’t complete without make-up, wig and shoes and there was no one to admire me.

Visiting JJ at the dressers service would turn out to be a completely different experience. I arrived at door of the dressers service apartment and knocked gently. The door opened and there was JJ, she is actually more stunning in person than the photos show on the website. She was standing there in a beautiful pink satin blouse, black pencil skirt, black nylons and heels. I had to tell her immediately how great she looked without even thinking. Of course in these situations we are all nervous but after a few minutes sitting on the pink velvet chair and indulging some idle chat over a glass of water my nerves melted away at the dressers service. We talked about my previous cross-dressing experiences at the other dressers service along with other areas of my personal life that I had shared during the back-and-forth setting up that day’s appointment. It was all very respectful and got me thinking about some difficult issues I’d been dealing with. For that JJ, I am truly thankful. After the introductions it was time to start the process.

Dresser Service

The dresser service proudly presents Jessica.

Nothing about the following four hours was rushed, I really liked that. JJ was really treating me to the whole pampered experience. JJ informed me that she would be in charge for the duration and that was music to my ears for someone who spends most of their time organizing and managing others. I could completely let go and let it all happen without thinking, the perfect dressers service for me.

As I had spent several hours driving down the motorway to get to the apartment, I thought it would be best if I shaved after I had arrived to help prevent the 5 O’clock shadow from bursting through any make-up prematurely. JJ showed me to the bathroom where I could shave, she’d already laid out a pair of pretty pink panties with matching bra and stay-ups for me to put on along with a robe and slippers. I shaved and slipped on the bra, the panties and the stay-ups. This was a sensual experience that got me already drifting into a blissful feminine state. I joined JJ in the make-up room where I was positioned in the chair and covered with a pink soft blanket. Smooth romantic music was playing in the background and JJ was singing and humming along as she started to work on adding my false pink nails and then massaging a cream into my face. The facial massage was the real transformative moment; I became so incredibly relaxed and so into the experience at the dressers service. A mask was applied and I was left alone for 15 or so minutes while it dried. I was in heaven, falling deeper into a relaxed meditative state while listening to some haunting instrumental music in the background at the dresser service.

Back in the room, JJ carefully peeled away the mask, the skin on my face felt wonderful and in fact that sensation remained for several days afterward. Then came the make-up, you can tell that JJ really enjoys transforming a harsh masculine face into a work of art explaining all the steps and the products that she was using as she went along at the dressers service. Make-up only takes the transformation effect so far, a wig is needed to ensure a complete transition. We were off to another room where the wigs, shoes and clothes are kept. I thought I’d fancy myself as a blond but as we went through the various wigs that JJ selected, it was obvious that something close to my hair’s original colour would be the order of the day. I hope that you like the style we settled on.

USA Cross Dresser

This is Jessica a beautiful USA cross dresser on a holiday visit.

JJ loves pink apparently. My bra and panties were going to match the dress that JJ had chosen for me that was hanging up in the room. I loved the dress and after applying some accessories it was time for shoes. Now I love wearing ladies shoes, but I have a hard time walking in heels not having the opportunity to practice on a regular basis. There were a few wobbly moments there but I eventually managed to hobble, wobble and lunge to get back to the room with the pink chair so that JJ could take some photographs.  JJ seemed really at home behind the camera carefully positioning me, telling me where to look and how to look at her wonderful dressers service.

After the first photo session had been completed, it was time to select another dress to wear. JJ brought out three of a similar flowery design with different colour schemes. I eventually settled on one with pink and purple hues. The look was completed and then it was back in front of the camera for the second and final photo session. The time had flew by at the dressers service and I found  myself sitting back in my car thinking I’d just been part of the most wonderful dream.

JJ is a bright, intelligent and warm person. I truly felt I’d come in as a nervous wreck and left as Jessica, JJ’s trusted girlfriend. She did an amazing job with my photos, I can’t stop looking at them and so ladies, I hope you enjoy the picture. JJ really is the best.

Jessica xxx