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Crossdressing Transition and Gender Identity

In 1999 a movie was made that established a new genre of film. That movie was The Matrix. Many people may know that this ground breaking film about hidden realities was written and directed by a pair of siblings known as the Wachowski Brothers, Andy and Larry. Since then they have made a number of big budget films including two sequels as well as films that you may know, but didn’t know was one of their creations such as V for Vendetta  – the origin of all those ‘Anonymous’ Guy Fawkes masks you see at protests.

Crossdressing Transition

Crossdressing Transition

Whilst I have been a follower of the films that they have made, I have never paid much attention to the Wachowskis themselves. I knew that they shunned personal publicity and press conferences, but a recent discovery made me become VERY interested in them as people! A discovery about crossdressing transition. Only this year I realised that I had missed a film that they made a few years ago, called Cloud Atlas. When I started to look at details of it I noticed that it was all talk about the Wachowski Siblings, and then to my amazement, I found out something that would prove exceptionally important to me. I found that during the sixteen years since the Matrix films began following a transgender crossdressing transition Larry Wachowski had become Lana Wachowski! This was an exodus moment for me: flushing out from deep within me a whole bunch of crossdressing transition repressions.

My female side has been locked away it seems for over 50 years. A crossdressing transition reality which I have always tried to hide away from myself with no Morpheus to help me see myself more clearly. I lived in a make-believe world avoiding my need for crossdressing transition but, like Neo – Keanu Reeves’ character in The Matrix, I always knew there was something wrong. Lana Wachowski has, since she was forced to come into the limelight a couple of years ago, become a leading crossdressing transition light of the Transgendered community in her native Chicago, as well as across the U.S.A. This is amazing for someone who has been publicity shy for over ten years. Some believe that the lack of visibility for that time was due to her crossdressing transition, but I believe that, as she says, she and her partner (and her brother) are simply private people.

To watch how confident she is when forced to be on stage and in front of an audience is amazing, and her story of how depressed and anxious she was because of her Gender Diaspora prior to doing something about it and deciding that transgender crossdressing transition was tight for her, is heart-wrenching. She had even considered suicide! You can see her talking about her crossdressing transition on YouTube where she is accepting the ‘visibility award’ from the Human Rights Commission: This was her first EVER public speech!  I encourage everyone to watch that speech and join the 700,000 plus who have already viewed it. You will now find lots of videos of her talking over the last few years of her crossdressing transition.

When I look at Lana Wachowski, I can see how she managed to have the strength to live as she needed to live and not as society expected her to. I have a lot of admiration for anyone who has the courage of their convictions. She knew that she was not at all comfortable as a male, and she actually did something about it. If you read her crossdressing transition story, she had a rocky start; but it looks to me that she drew her courage from the support of her family, partner and the people she worked with over the years. If only we all had that crossdressing transition support. It was finding out about Lana Wachowski and her crossdressing transition that made me decide that I also need to change, and that life is far, far too short to pretend to be someone you are not.

I have done so for what is probably more than half my life. Now with the help of JJ’s wonderful crossdressing transition service, I have been able, at least for fleetingly short times, to make my outside look like how I feel on the inside. I know that it would be very difficult for me for any complete crossdressing transition so late in life, especially without family support, but hopefully people like Lana can make others see that it is not impossible. As a postscript, the Wachowskis’ most recent film Jupiter Ascending was a box office flop (and how many flops have turned out to be long-term hits?), as it seems that many people don’t understand the storyline. It is about a hidden reality suppressed by the real world. Lana is working now on a ‘Netflix’ series called Sense8 which will explore the same sorts of themes. Themes which touch on crossdressing transition and which reach out to so many like me.

If like me you have been hiding from reality, don’t delay, arrange that wonderful crossdressing transition time with JJ.