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Hi Charlotte

I have cross dressed for a while now but I am conscious of the way I look when I walk and sit. My crossdressing style just isn’t ladylike. I am trying to observe more but getting this right is not natural to me.

How can I best learn to walk and talk and sit like a girl please?

Louise xx

Beautiful woman and every crossdressing style girl would love to look like her.

Beautiful woman and every crossdressing style girl would love to look like her.

Crossdressing Style Answers

Dear Louise,

So you want to walk like a girl and talk like a girl: achieve the epitome of crossdressing style? A wonderful question! I would love to help you.

There are no simple answer: instead layers of fascinating complexities and subtleties that make up a T-girl’s special crossdressing style, ultimately feminine. This is not about ‘passing’ in public: this is about feeling feminine wherever you are. Femininity and our own crossdressing styles start on the inside.

Let’s start with the easy part: crossdressing style deportment, which comes in four short lessons.

Lesson One: Sitting and Listening Crossdressing Style

Sitting Crossdressing Style

Sitting Crossdressing Style

Men slouch. Women sit upright. Look at the way girls sit with their backs so straight and men’s spines are sometimes so curved they could loop the loop. Men sit with their legs apart, displaying their manhood for all its worth. Women keep their knees together, ankles slightly to one side. Modesty should be your golden crossdressing style rule. Men sit back when they are listening. Women incline their shoulders just a little forwards – all the better to hear what is being said. Men either sometimes scowl or even look smug. Women smile more. Look smug and the world suspects you; but smile and they love you. Men sadly often pay attention only to their own voices. Women tend to focus their attention rather more on the person speaking to them. Eye contact is so important.

Lesson Two: Crossdressing Style Standing and Greeting

You might think that standing still is simple, straightforward. You couldn’t be more wrong. Men are unable to keep still for more than a few minutes: agitated, restless. Whereas women will stand calm and composed. Absolutely still, except perhaps to check (quickly and discreetly) that all is well with their make-up. If you want to adopt the perfect crossdressing style then practice standing quite still before a mirror. Not grinning like a Cheshire cat, but ready to smile as soon as someone you know approaches. Then and only then do you turn towards them, smiling with your crossdressing style eyes as well as your mouth. If it’s a man, let them come to you: feigning delight even if he is not the most interesting person on Earth. A woman: you approach each other on equal terms. And the mutual delight will tend to be genuine.

And be careful about your hands. Never in pockets, even if you have them. Finally, remember that no woman would be seen dead without her handbag: we were given hands and arms to hold our crossdressing style handbags.

Lesson Three: Walk the Crossdressing Style Walk

Christina Hendricks, of Mad Men fame, gave all T-girls a tremendous tip. She once said that what she wore when going onto the set of the TV series made all the difference to her movement. Wearing a girdle, she told us, makes you walk differently. You feel automatically more feminine, more empowered as a woman, and yes, so sexy. And so every move you make, every crossdressing style step you take is both constrained and informed by the tightness you feel around you: the embrace of your girdle. Now I am not saying that every T-girl should wear a girdle, but you should certainly think about the lingerie and clothes that make you feel more feminine.

And make sure that you choose your shoes with care. You will need crossdressing style heels: wear flats and you risk looking like a duck billed platypus out for its afternoon constitutional. But if your heels are too high, then your crossdressing style may come crashing down: probably at the same time that you tumble head over heels. You need to practise, practise, practise that walk. The whole point of heels is to give your height and confidence a boost, but the added bonus is that heels will also shorten your steps.

You must avoid mincing along in some female parody. Not at all the right crossdressing style. And you are going to be gliding not goose stepping. A tight (just below or on the knee) pencil skirt can help too: stopping those thighs from striding ahead of you.

But most importantly of all, you will not move like a woman unless you think like a woman. All of those seemingly minor crossdressing style preparations which take time are oh-so-vital. Make-up is not some optional extra: getting ready is not a crossdressing style game: this is deadly serious stuff. You must look your best if you are to feel feminine. So even if you are contemplating a night in: bathe in luxurious perfumed oils and foam; moisturize that skin into smooth submission; slip into your favourite lingerie; carefully apply your most alluring make-up; now carefully step into that dress or skirt and blouse; and now the shoes and accessories. There: you look fabulous. Now practise that crossdressing style walk.

Crossdressing style talk has to be perfect, speaking slowly with a soft girly voice. Feminine and fabulous.

Crossdressing style talk has to be perfect, speaking slowly with a soft girly voice. Feminine and fabulous.

Lesson Four: Stepping Up and Out in Crossdressing Style

Getting in or out of a car or walking up and down stairs is a challenge to the best of us, especially when wearing something tightly seductive. This final lesson is not for faint hearts. Again you need to practise in your best crossdressing style clothes, but not – at least at first – anything too tight, or you will look like Harry Houdini trying to escape from his straitjacket: distorted and contorted. No easier way to let yourself down, and on the stairs that could be painful.

Always gentle smooth crossdressing style movements when getting in and out of cars. Knees (together – remember your modesty) and shoes in last … and out first. And on those stairs: you are a lady ascending gracefully not a mountaineer on the north face of Everest. And please just as gracefully down too, in the best crossdressing style. Remember: always one step at a time. This is not a race.

You’re Crossdressing Style Service

There is so much more to be said about crossdressing style, but what every girl really needs is an expert eye watching her every move. We are all individuals and so we need a personal approach. It is so easy to get things wrong. Which is why your visits to the crossdressing service are so essential. JJ’s eye for detail at every step – guiding, advising, and teaching – will remove any little tell-tale signs and smooth out those rough masculine edges, preparing you so perfectly to be the gorgeous girl you really are.

After crossdressing style deportment comes your voice. This is where things may become a touch complicated.

Crossdressing Style Talk

It is perhaps easier to say what you should not do to perfect the voice for your crossdressing style: a quiet hoarse whisper is more pharmacy than feminine – someone will offer you a throat pastille; and a high pitched falsetto may be fine for Dame Edna, but it won’t pass muster in a Costa Coffee shop; and conversation should not be a one-way street – think of the relaxing to-and-fro of a tennis match and not a relentless grid iron advance to touchdown.

Listen first not to how women speak but to what they say and how they say it. They are not reading from some instruction manual. Girls tell stories with lots of digressions. And any woman needs to feel part of that story, able to help it move along. Men just try to take over. Big NO! Not at all my idea of crossdressing style.

And women notice and remember the little things and make such wonderful connections which can so help to add a certain feminine crossdressing style substance to a conversation. Here is one I overheard recently:

“And do you know, she was wearing a multi-coloured rodeo shirt … you know, one of Mary Katrantzou’s new designs … and one of those rhinestone-cowgirl frocks – just like Dolly Parton did in Steel Magnolias … the beauty parlour all pale pinks and baby blues … I cried for days after seeing that film. Like Sleepless in Seattle: don’t you just love Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks? Well it was a little bit garish and overstated for me, but it looked good on her …”

It is certainly true that women’s voices are usually higher in pitch than men’s: perhaps an octave: but not always. There is no sure-fire crossdressing style link between high pitch and femininity or low pitch and masculinity. My mum remembers a glamorous movie star of the 50s and 60s called Fenella Fielding: she had a wonderfully deep voice, well into the tenor range. And every inch a woman.

Smile as you speak

Smile as you speak

You can buy crossdressing style voice-coaching programmes online which may help you raise that pitch a little into the higher frequencies. You can even invest in an application for your mobile or iPad which shows your crossdressing style speech patterns as you speak. My friend Kitty loves this technical stuff.

In the meantime, you might find helpful my five tips to finding your feminine voice:

One: slow down if you move to fast, you’ve got to make that (two-way) conversation last.

Two: smile as you speak: with your eyes as well as your mouth.

Three: don’t be so eager to fire off instructions as if they were arrows heading for a target.

Four: speak from the mouth not the chest.

Five: continue speaking until you run out of breath … that lets the next person in on the conversation as you catch your breath … and the pitch of your voice will naturally go higher as you continue more and more breathlessly to speak.

Of course, there is another vital ingredient. Content! Sorry to be a touch stereotypical, but many men do talk about sport; and women talk about fashion. So you do need to build up your knowledge by reading magazines which will really help you achieve the right crossdressing style for you.

Again, and this is really important … don’t expect to do all this on your own: a visit to JJ’s crossdressing service will certainly help you begin to feminize your voice. We are all different and finding the right voice is so much an individual and personal matter. And JJ is usually pitch perfect in her crossdressing style advice.

Love and kisses,