Crossdressing Studio

Hi everyone. I had another visit to see JJ at her Cross Dressing Service for transvestites recently. But this was my first chance to experience her recently enhanced crossdressing studio talents.

Boudoir Crossdressing

Boudoir Crossdressing service offers complete femininity within the realms of Hollywood glamour.

What a wonderful crossdressing studio day. JJ met me at the door looking her usual beautiful self. After welcoming me with a cup of tea, we had a chat about what I wanted from the day. I have always had a strong sissy element to my nature; I loved being dressed up by my sister as a young boy. And so I had brought with me some white ribbon for my hair. I wanted to become the classic French Maid with a black dress and white accessories. However, JJ persuaded me to start with something different. A completely new feminine look for her crossdressing studio.

She looked at me, paused and told me “let me do the thinking, you just relax”. I did as she said and she sent me to the crossdressing studio bathroom to get changed. She had already laid out some lingerie for me that included some very expensive white panties and matching bra, a suspender belt and tan stockings. I must say I was immediately struck by the quality of the crossdressing studio lingerie. There are no cheap alternatives at JJ’s. She offers the best quality dressing service for her crossdressing studio transvestites that a girl could hope for.

After putting on a lovely silky flowery nightie and negligee over the top of my lingerie, JJ called me into her crossdressing studio make up room. She explained to me that she wanted to photograph me wearing a purple and pink outfit and so was going to do my make up to go with that this very special crossdressing studio lingerie. She set about relaxing me in her make-up chair and did my nails and make up all the time humming to herself while we listened to some beautiful light music.

Transvestite Hannah in a very pretty maids satin and organza dress.

Transvestite Hannah in a very pretty maids satin and organza dress.

Make up done she took me through to the crossdressing studio itself and there for the first time showed me a fabulous and expensive looking long nightdress and negligee. She decided to change my bra for me to pink one to match the negligee; and then, when I was dressed just as she wanted me, took me to choose one of her amazing selection of crossdressing studio wigs. She has such a large collection and of top quality wigs at her transvestite dressing service. She used a short blond bob wig on me and then presented the new ‘me’ to myself in the crossdressing studio mirror.

Make up done, fully cross dressed and hair in place I looked like the expensive ‘trophy wife’ I would love to be, waiting for her husband to arrive home from his law firm and seduce me! Such dreams, such fantasises: and in the crossdressing studio they seemed so real.

I was now ready for my photo shoot in the crossdressing studio. JJ’s photography has always been excellent, but she is now taking it to the next level with the most subtle and exquisite photos of us girls. She asked me to lie down on a large crossdressing studio couch covered with a bright purple satin cover. She then guided me into poses that showed off the alluring look that she sensed I wanted. And I hope you agree that she has captured my essential femininity. Encouraging me along the way, telling me I looked stunning she took hundreds of photos and made me feel just like a glamour model for my crossdressing studio afternoon. She even changed my hair half way through and I swapped my cute little blond bob for a mass of brown curls that settled around my face and looked brilliant against the purple background. I was in crossdressing studio heaven.

Crossdresser Hannah from the Crossdressing Service

Crossdresser Hannah from the Crossdressing Service.

When JJ had satisfied herself that she had got the best crossdressing studio shots we sat together and had lunch and a cup of tea. We chatted like old friends. One of the most delightful parts of being with JJ in her crossdressing studio is relaxing in her presence and allowing oneself to speak the truth. My male world is all about responsibility, decision-making and being a bread winner. My time with JJ is all about frivolity, femininity and girly fun. There is no one I can talk to like her. Just to be able to tell her how feminine I feel and how I love the panties I am wearing and the crossdressing studio perfume she selected for me is a massive release. She understands transvestites with a completeness that is unbelievable and her conversation simply welcomes the transvestite into her world of girly chat with an ease that really makes the day. If you are a newcomer and have never been to a dressing service before then my advice is to choose JJ’s. The clothes are beautiful. The lingering odours of crossdressing studio perfumes are to die for. But the way she knows just how to treat us girls is the best part of the crossdressing studio day.

After lunch JJ allowed me another outfit and we returned to her crossdressing studio. I changed into a classic French Maid’s dress complete with black petticoats, black shoes with a low heel and then returned to my cute blond bob. Then JJ sat me in front of the mirror and tied my hair into bunches and added the white ribbons to my hair. I felt just like the little boy from all those years ago experiencing the giggly fun of being dressed up by his big sister, feeling that heady mixture of naughtiness, humiliation and delight at being feminised as a five year old. You remember how it felt on your first time don’t you girls?

Finally I stood before the mirror and JJ tied around my waist the lovely white pinafore and brushed it into place for me, turning me slightly to the crossdressing studio mirror and remarking “see the ribbons of your pinafore behind the dress Hannah?”

“Aren’t they pretty?” Yes girls, as you can see from my pictures here, she really does know exactly how the transvestite feels about girls clothes. That desire to feel the naughty cuteness and femininity of those early childhood days when big sister crossed dressed you for the first time is still there waiting for JJ to reactivate it in her marvellous crossdressing studio. Or for you was it your mother, your aunt or your grandmother who first awakened those feelings inside you? Or perhaps it may have been those secret moments when you opened the lingerie drawer and felt the delicious silkiness of panties and slips and bras; and could hardly wait to see how you looked and felt with them next to your skin.

Why not write in under the heading My First Time and tell JJ. She can print the best. Just for fun, no fantasies please: no stories about the bridesmaid being ill at the wedding and you taking her place; the truth is far more interesting than fantasy and how you really felt in your first memories of childhood or teenage crossdressing and how you developed from there. No more than 500 words please. JJ hasn’t got time to sit and read a whole book. But she does know that our stories help to give others the confidence to express their femininity, perhaps with a visit to her crossdressing studio, and the understanding that they are not alone.

Love Hannah