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Crossdressing Stockings

Crossdressing Stockings

Crossdressing Stockings

You have waited so long for this magical moment. As if in a wonderful dream your sheer nylons slide onto your silky smooth thighs. This evening you have chosen fully fashioned black crossdressing stockings, the seam stretching up from the definition of the French heel. You are wearing white cotton hosiery gloves, making sure those long red nails of yours don’t cause any snags or pulls on the gossamer-fine nylon, as you ever so gently manoeuvre your stockings upwards. Standing before a full-length mirror, you take the utmost care to ensure that the seams are perfectly straight. The seams just emphasise the lines of your oh-so-feminine smooth soft legs.

You are wearing a satin and lace suspender belt. Six suspenders ready to hold your crossdressing stockings securely. We don’t want any mishaps, do we? Carefully each suspender is attached. A little adjustment is needed as you re-check your seams. Yes … perfect. Your lipstick – so glossy, so red tonight – outlines your smile. Your polished nails immaculate with a high gloss shine. Your make-up is flawless, and lastly your little trusty black dress and stiletto heels. You are an incredibly beautiful woman ready to make the night your own. Another occasion: it is morning. You have showered and are ready to dress.

Today is your secretarial navy blue day. A pair of 10 denier Wolford navy crossdressing stockings lies on the bed. Ready to bring out the best in your new skirt, satin blouse and shoes bought specially for work. No seams, of course for the daytime. A deep navy suspender belt, matching your lacy bra and panties, holds the stockings in place. You need not worry about straightening your seams, but you are still careful to avoid any unsightly twists in your stockings. With the sexy edge of your lingerie and stocking tops beneath your skirt and satin blouse – and oh how you love that delicious feeling – your ultra-efficient PA persona is ready to be the most efficient ‘little cute Miss’ in the office with style and verve.

Another day, yet another crossdressing stockings occasion: you are going out to dinner with friends. You have decided upon a pair of seamless ultra-glossy flesh-toned stockings, dressy and just right to catch and reflect those evening lights. Oh, they feel so good, marvellous in fact as the nylon envelops each of your newly waxed, soft and smooth legs. As you run your hands upwards from your ankles, you caress the lustre, the sheen, and feel the sensational tautness of the nylon upon your skin. A tremendous sense of feminine empowerment overcomes you. You slip into your favourite dress with gorgeous spaghetti straps and select a complementary pair of mid-heeled shoes and matching clutch bag.

Tonight you will be witty and as sparkling as your crossdressing stockings: the heartbeat of the dinner party. There are so many choices for many different occasions, whoops just a moment girls while a make a slight adjustment to my suspender. Every girl knows that whatever ensemble she wears, whatever lies ahead, the crossdressing stockings she chooses are of the utmost importance. Your stockings enhance your outfit. Create a seductive air or perhaps a sophisticated impression.

Maybe you might cultivate an efficient business-like image. Or produce an aura of sultry mystery, so yummy. Your crossdressing stockings will lift your spirits higher and higher, pardon the pun. They will take your mood and intensify it: so that with them you are ready to conquer the world. There are so many possibilities when selecting the right pair of stockings for the right occasion. So many choices; so many decisions your pretty little head will be in a spin. And so here is a brief seven-point guide to some of the finer points of that fabulous and heavenly world of crossdressing stockings.

Fully Fashioned Crossdressing Stockings

There are three signs of fully fashioned crossdressing stockings: the nylon of each stocking is knitted flat, the stocking is cut out and then brought together in a ‘leg shape’ and sewn along a line – this is the seam, part of the manufacturing process; the welt at the top of crossdressing stockings is folded over and an open finishing loop is created allowing the needle and thread making the seam to be pulled away; and the nylon has little or no ‘give’: fully fashioned stockings come in a variety of foot sizes and/or leg lengths. They are not cheap, but hey we are well worth it. You are likely to pay over £15 a pair. They are still made by just a few manufacturers with loving care and to very high standards. Even though it adds to the expense, always buy two pairs, so if a ladder appears you have two stockings in reserve, see how clever you can be without really thinking.

Crossdressing Stockings Heel Design

Fully fashioned stockings with seams may have a variety of heel designs, typically made in the same reinforced nylon as the foot bed of the stocking, making the heel area stronger and more resilient. The French ‘pointed’ design remains popular. The Cuban heel provides an alternative ‘square’ design. There are many variations on these two basic designs for the heels of crossdressing stockings.

Silk Crossdressing Stockings

If you want the finest of all crossdressing stockings, then silk is available, but you will find yourself paying £30 or more. But they are exquisite. Of course before the invention of nylon in 1939 fine stockings were invariably made of silk.

Seamless Nylon Stockings

Most crossdressing stockings are now produced fully formed by circular knitting machines in a leg-like tube: no seam is required. The stockings may be mass-produced at low cost. Some ‘seamed’ stockings are made by sewing a seam in place after the basic manufacture effectively as a decoration. Some forms of nylon are quite elastic and allow a single air of crossdressing stockings to fit a range of sizes. Lycra or another elastic material can be added in the manufacturing process giving additional stretch and allowing in some cases one size to fit ‘all’ or rather almost all.

Denier and Crossdressing Stockings

Most brands of crossdressing stockings quote the ‘denier’ or fineness of the stocking. The sheerest of all stockings are likely to be 5 or 10 denier. Such fine material should be handled with care and many use hosiery gloves to avoid those rough edges of nails having disastrous effects on the nylon. Equally, great care should be taken when hand (yes hand) washing the finer crossdressing stockings. The higher the denier, the more likely it will be that the stockings are opaque, especially when the denier measure exceeds 40.

The Styles of Crossdressing Stockings

Crossdressing stockings come in a range of styles: matt, gloss, sheer, opaque, seamed and seamless. The range of colours and patterns available are immense. Fishnet patterns of various kinds have an enduring popularity. The reinforced welt at the top of stockings, to which suspenders are attached, is often elaborately decorated even with plainer stockings below, lace being a popular choice. Welts may be several inches in depth, with some as much as five inches, and don’t you just love them? Wolfords produce some gorgeous hold ups as well as stockings and tights or pantyhose. A low-fuss and practical alternative to those crossdressing stockings which require suspenders to keep them in place are hold-ups which have an adhesive material in a circular band in the welt which grips the upper thigh and it feels so good.

Sources of Crossdressing Stockings

Although ‘one-size’ stockings are readily available, no material is infinitely elastic, so it is often better to purchase stockings which are sized, either by foot size or leg length. Crossdressing stockings are easy to obtain from most department stores, but you may need to shop on the Internet to find some of the more elegant brands and styles. Longer and fully fashioned crossdressing stockings are available through two very reliable companies, Secrets in Lace and Dawn’s UK Tights and of course Wolfords, my particular favourite. Now go ahead and treat yourself, promise I won’t tell.