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Little by little the crossdressing tide is turning. When the media published the news that David Beckham had worn a skirt (actually a sarong) in 1998 there was a definite touch of shock-horror. In 2013 train drivers in Sweden were annoyed when their bosses said they could not wear shorts at work and they started to wear skirts. The craze caught on in other countries and several male pupils turned up at school wearing crossdressing skirts.

But this was the stuff of protest. Not really any transgender statement about crossdressing skirts as such. Then early in 2016 a private school on the south coast of England, Brighton College became the first in England to allow boys to wear crossdressing skirts and blouses and girls to wear jackets and trousers, responding it was said to pressure from the school’s transgender society. Yet that particular school has always seemed to revel in the glamour of front page publicity: a triumph of image above substance? But now thankfully other schools including one in Australia, Newton Performing Arts High School are starting to follow suit, allowing boys to wear crossdressing skirts. And young people are beginning to refuse to answer in any straightforward way that question: male or female. Trans-fluid, transsexual, transgender.

Male or female, transgender or transsexual don't be afraid to wear crossdressing skirts.

Male or female, transgender or transsexual don’t be afraid to wear crossdressing skirts.

For so many, there is no easy answer when there is man on the outside and a woman within. When there is so much inner longing to wear those bras and panties and crossdressing skirts and dresses. Perhaps a genuine understanding of the anxieties and needs of crossdressers and transgender boys and girls everywhere is beginning to take a firmer hold. During the last few years, when newspapers run stories about transgender transitions and crossdressing skirts, they are far less likely to mock or to be judgemental. The transitions of celebrities have helped: Caitlyn (née Bruce) Jenner made an immense impact when she appeared on the front cover of Vogue looking fabulously feminine, wearing crossdressing skirts and dresses and lingerie to die for. And so has the publicity surrounding the film The Danish Girl starring Eddie Redmayne. And news about crossdressing skirts is less sensational.

Yet there are still countless crossdressers, snatching at opportunities in private. Wearing crossdressing skirts or dresses in public is the stuff of dreams. Watching women as they walk by so prettily, wanting to wear what they wear, wanting to be feel as feminine as they do: desperate to be a girl just like them.

For most young crossdressers, there is no understanding head teacher welcoming them in their crossdressing skirts into a transgender paradise. Just the conventions imposed upon them by a rigid society. All they have those stolen secret moments, wearing a bra or panties or satin nightgown. Borrowed from your mother or sister or aunt. Then the total joy of feeling that lingerie next to your skin; the sheer sensuality of feminine clothes and the gorgeous look of those crossdressing skirts in the mirror. But all the time the fear that the door might open and you will be discovered. Yet at the same time the hope that you might and all will be well. And then as the years pass by, those borrowed clothes and crossdressing skirts may belong to wife or girlfriend. Or be guilty purchases from high street stores, at Christmas or Valentine’s Day so that the suspicions of sales girls may not be aroused.

The stories told at the crossdressing service all have a familiar ring: of hope and sadness; of anxiety and need; of totally joyful moments and long waits until the next time.

So many crossdressing tales begin in childhood and the teenage years. If only there could be a complete end to the stereotyping which forces so many into false roles. Until then the crossdressing service is here to help. Pushing away anxieties and fears. No mockery; no judgement as you slip into that fantastic lingerie and your very own crossdressing skirts and satin blouses.

Just complete understanding as JJ brings to life that exquisitely feminine woman inside you. And she is here to let you choose just the right crossdressing skirts and dresses and lingerie and shoes and wigs … oh, the delicious list goes on and on. By Miss Kitty