Crossdressing Silk and Satin

Hi Charlotte

I have just started on my crossdressing beauty journey. I’d like to buy some crossdressing silk and satin items to wear at home and feel feminine and sensual. What would you suggest as a start point? I’ve seen a chemise and robe at M&S online which looks lovely. Can you tell me what the difference is between a teddy and chemise?
Yours in hope

Susie xx

Crossdressing Silk and Satin Answers

Crossdressing Silk and Satin Answers

Dear Susie,

Every girl needs to feel the fabulous feeling of crossdressing silk and satin next to her skin. And the range of sensual lingerie out there is wonderful. But what you can choose from depends upon your size: as we move up from 12 and 14 through 16 and 18 upwards many stores (online or on the high street) simply do not stock the right kind of crossdressing silk and satin garments. So my advice here is aimed at a range of sizes.

Crossdressing Silk and Satin

Crossdressing Silk and Satin

The best online stores:

•  M&S of course provides a good range of gorgeous crossdressing silk and satin lingerie; and the prices are certainly purse-friendly; but a really sexy silk and lace camisole and French knickers set (explanations later) is available only up to size 20: that is up to a chest size measured ‘under’ the bust 40 inches – but let’s not make those breast forms too ginormous, ladies: a C or D cup will be fine especially for the delicacy of crossdressing silk and satin, believe me. A pure silk chemise is available up to size 22 (under bust 42 inches), but the larger sizes sell out quickly in the more popular colours.

• Secrets in Lace is an American company but you can order your crossdressing silk and satin garments through its European website (based in Denmark): the service is reasonably quick and efficient. The vintage-inspired camisoles and slips (with panties to match) go up to XXL or size 22 (with a B or C cup). Look out for the sale items, otherwise the price may be a touch high for your budget. But when you slip on that crossdressing silk and satin lingerie you will feel like a million dollars!

• Debenhams is another possible source of crossdressing silk and satin apparel for your boudoir. The Janet Reger range is truly scrumptious, but is available only up to size 18 (38 inches under that bust of yours). The not-quite-so-exclusive but still very pretty Jasper Conran range goes up to size 20.

• Victoria’s Secret has a wider crossdressing silk and satin range, including quite a few ‘teddies’ as well as chemises, but this store is really for the more petite girl, with size 14 often the largest available. But a to-die-for Chantilly lace and satin chemise in some gorgeous colours (my favourite is hot pink – and it is really HOT!) comes in size 16 too, for those with a 36 under-bust measurement.

• Hourglass Figure UK is aimed at the CD market exclusively, and there are some cute crossdressing silk and satin slips, camisoles and gowns to be found there without breaking the piggy bank. Geraldine, the owner, is really helpful on sizing advice too.

• There are so many other stores, but none that I would personally recommend for crossdressing silk and satin garments. Although I know some girls do like the Ann Summers tarty look. Not too expensive and in a wide range of sizes. Most online stores have excellent return facilities; and both M&S and Debenhams have a convenient Click and Collect service if you are worried about home or office deliveries.

Of course, there is nothing quite like visiting a store or shop on the high street and getting a close up of those delectable, delicious, oh-so-desirable crossdressing silk and satin garments. Trust me, no one will turn a hair when you look through the goodies on the rack.

So, here are my descriptions of crossdressing silk and satin garments, noting that when women’s lingerie is concerned, someone somewhere breaks any rule you try to set:

• Camisole: a garment usually covering only the upper part of the body: from the waist or upper hip upwards, accentuating the femininity of the bust line.

• Chemise: a ‘short’ slip which descends to the upper thigh.

• Slip: usually falling to just above or on the knee.

• Teddy: a ‘body’ which incorporates both camisole and panties/knickers. When combined with knickers, the garment is sometimes called ‘cami-knickers’. So what to choose when there is so much choice of crossdressing silk and satin available?

You can divide the lingerie into three categories, and exactly what you choose depends on how you want to wear those fabulous satins and silks:

1. Crossdressing silk and satin items to be worn when you are out and about, and I do know many girls like to wear something special under their boring male clothes.

The best option here is probably a matching camisole and French knickers set. A teddy might do the trick as well. Some teddies incorporate a bra and are sold by bra rather than body size. A chemise or slip might be just a little too long. Just be careful though: don’t choose a colour for your crossdressing silk and satin which will show through your shirt. Ivories and creams are usually quite discreet. But beware pure white which is often perhaps surprisingly a little more obvious!

2. Crossdressing silk and satin for the boudoir, just for the fun and the sheer sensuality of it.

Here teddies can come in to their own, with some really sensational crossdressing silk and satin concoctions on offer, especially if you want that tarty feeling. Camisole sets and chemises too are perfect for the boudoir. But also consider a longer slip rather than a camisole or chemise: this gives you that fabulous feminine feeling of wearing a ‘dress’ as the slip flows downwards towards your thighs and knees. And the colour? Well, that depends upon the mood you want to create. And what could be better than adding a crossdressing silk and satin gown to the ensemble? Curled up on the sofa with a box of chocolates and a glass of Chablis watching a girlie movie. Heaven!

3. Crossdressing silk and satin to be worn when sleeping: and there is nothing quite like waking up with the fabulous feeling of silky satin next to your skin. A teddy is probably not the right thing for bedtime (that is, when wanting to sleep): the closer fit of some teddies may be too restrictive at night. So a chemise or camisole (with or without panties or knickers) or a slip may be the perfect crossdressing silk and satin choice here. But there are also longer crossdressing silk and satin nightdresses (below the knee) available from many of the stores mentioned above.

If your budget is limited than the most versatile crossdressing silk and satin combination is a camisole and panties/knickers set. But if your lottery numbers have just come up, then the sky is your limit and you can treat yourself to the full Munroe (the feminine for Monty?).

Well, Susie, I do hope that I have managed to answer your questions. And perhaps a few others at the same time. Little does any crossdresser think when she secretly tries on that bra or chemise for the first time that the world of crossdressing silk and satin lingerie is so complicated?

But that, dear friend, is part of its pleasure as well as its wonder. Do let me know what fabulous crossdressing silk and satin lingerie you decide to buy.

Love and kisses,