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Just a short trip for Faye’s day out: feeling really nervous but in a positive way. I am heading to see JJ for my crossdressing service Huddersfield makeover. During the journey, the anticipation is building … appropriate I guess since I am a builder by trade! Like many would-be girls, finding the right person to help me in my crossdressing service Huddersfield journey seemed impossible until I found and read through JJ’s website. So many girls seem to have found a home from home in her beautiful apartment. You think before arriving that much that you have read will be hype. Nothing is further from the truth. If anything my experience of her crossdressing service Huddersfield was beyond my expectations. Let me try to explain and paint a picture for you.

Crossdressing Service Huddersfield

Crossdressing Service Huddersfield presents the stunning T-girl Faye.

Will there be a feeling of anti-climax when finally dressed as a woman, with make-up and wig, you look in the mirror and think: no, that’s not me? But when I looked in the mirror, what I saw was absolutely, fabulously me: the perfect crossdressing service Huddersfield style and impact. Just what I always wanted: Faye came truly alive on that day. Before, she was a vision mostly in my mind: I have always been reaching out for her when I dressed before, but only now was the real thing looking back at me in the crossdressing service Huddersfield apartment mirror. You hope you won’t be disappointed and think even if you turn out mildly feminine it has to be better than my own attempt – despite the evidence to the contrary of those wonderful girls in JJ’s crossdressing gallery. You desperately want and hope to be every bit as feminine as them.

But, OMG … Faye is gorgeous after her crossdressing service Huddersfield makeover. And I now understand why some T-girls have described JJ as a magician. I just love the make-up: not a touch of drag queen in sight: sophisticated, utterly feminine, applied with total professional skill … just the way I imagine myself to be when I’m Faye, you know what I mean girls when your imagination runs overtime. And jeepers, creepers … just look at those crossdressing service Huddersfield peepers. Why won’t mascara behave itself when I try to put it on myself? I either get the lashes all sticking together which looks like two spiders sitting just below my brows, or I stick the mascara brush in my eyes and then game over, mascara and runny eyes everywhere.  The lipliner and lipstick JJ has applied is fabulous with lashing of gloss. Just the right shade to complement my completed look.

Cross Dressing Service Photographs

Cross Dressing Service Photographs with a shopping trip to Victoria’s Secret store.

Reading on websites that learning to put make-up on properly is not something that comes easily. Lots of trial and loads of error before you get it right. Watching JJ at work was an education. The lightest of touches, creating Faye, a crossdressing piéce de résistance, at the crossdressing service Huddersfield.

I had done my best to prepare myself before my visit to the crossdressing service Huddersfield. A relaxing shower, shaving – carefully – legs, arms, underarms and chest. I didn’t want any trace of overt masculinity on show. And Faye would never have forgiven me! It’s incredible what a feminine feeling comes from the act of removing those masculine hairs. Those smooth legs, arms and chest. And, of course, I gave myself a really close shave. I didn’t want even the suggestion of five o’clock shadow for my crossdressing service Huddersfield appointment. After all this, I felt ready. And I hope you agree that the results produced by JJ are amazing.

Crossdressing Service Faye

Crossdressing Service Faye in her male mode as Glen the builder.

They say the camera doesn’t lie. And I know that what I see in the cross dressing photographs which JJ took captured me ever so perfectly that day. The real crossdressing service Huddersfield deal. And if you don’t believe me, then then just look at these pics!! Loaded down with lingerie bags from Victoria’s Secret. And look carefully at my twinkle toes in the ‘before’ crossdressing service Huddersfield pic and you will see some lovely red nail polish. Well, girls, what do you think? A cute number … and that’s the little black dress (very classy) and not just me. Don’t you just love my strappy heels and the blonde hair flowing over my shoulders? And the manicure! From a lovely moisturising hand massage to those fantastic false stiletto silver glitter nails.

Huddersfield Makeover

Huddersfield Makeover was just the ticket for cross dresser Faye.

After changing and my precious few hours with JJ, I was soon back home with time to reflect over a glass of wine on my crossdressing service Huddersfield experience … the word ‘transformation’ by itself doesn’t really capture my time with JJ. This was something running much, much deeper than any surface change. This seemed more like a change from the inside out. Starting with my true feelings about Faye and finishing with her outward appearance.

Now I understand why JJ likes to get to know you first, to understand your character and motivations before getting to work and making your crossdressing service Huddersfield dreams come true. So, my excursion to my very own personal crossdressing service Huddersfield was a fantastic success, as well as a well-earned treat for Faye. Thank you JJ. I know it won’t be too long before I’m back for my next crossdressing service Huddersfield makeover!

Faye xx

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