Crossdressing Service Germany

Would there be a crock of gold at the end of my rainbow? Or was this a fool’s errand? Part of me was wondering whether or not this was a long way to travel to find the right crossdressing service Germany. My female inner persona was saying “Go” but I wasn’t sure until I  spoke on the telephone to JJ to book my appointment and knew from the first moment that this was going to be perfect.

My heart was beating fast when I first stepped into JJ’s boudoir stylish crossdressing service Germany apartment. So feminine, so luxurious: the very antithesis of masculinity. Just what this crossdressing service Germany girl needed. But I still felt rather timid and uncertain, shy and anxious.

Crossdressing Service Germany

Petra at the Crossdressing Service Germany wearing black leather trousers.

However, I need not have worried about my first experience of JJ’s wonderful crossdressing service Germany. Her welcome was so warm, so calming and charming I was struck by JJ’s ravishing beauty and her radiant smile. But this was not a challenge to the girl within me, to be Petra. Rather her own femininity flowed around me, washed gently over me, sweeping away what was left of my masculinity and giving me a feeling that finally I had come home … home to my very own crossdressing service Germany. You see I am from Germany and to find a crossdressing service of this standard is marvellous.

Dressing Service Petre

The very lovely Petra visited our dressing service from Germany, and what a beautiful girl she makes.

She began to talk to me, and I began to open up to her. Her wit and humour were so reassuring and soon I lost all of my timidity. I knew immediately that I was safe in her ultra-professional hands, in the care of her crossdressing service Germany.

She gave me the time I needed to make the transition to my feminine self. Her styling was very sensitive and delicate. I never ever looked so nice or felt so beautiful. As I stood before her mirrors taking in Petra, and saw that she had created for me the Petra I had in my mind, envisage time and time again.  In her crossdressing service Germany apartment JJ created a timeless elegance I had never been able to achieve before.

Crossdressing Petre

Crossdressing Petre

She made me feel so comfortable, so womanly, and so beautiful. Perhaps for the first time, I felt truly at ease with my femininity. Truly at one with the girl within me. Petra from Germany was in her true feminine persona and was loving every minute of it.

Thank you so much JJ for this wonderful day!

Petra from Germany xxx