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Hi. My name is Jessica. And I want to tell you about my first visit to JJ’s crossdressing service Crewe.

I have dressed for many years in secret though it did cost me my first marriage. I married again and thought that I could then stop dressing, which I did for a number of years but sadly that marriage ended too. It was a very difficult time and I returned to dressing only far more seriously, but without the help and support of JJ’s crossdressing service Crewe. I decided that I would go out dressed and one day just did it. The horror!

I was immediately drawn in by her warmth and personality, drawn into the safe feminine haven of her discreet and utterly sumptuous crossdressing service Crewe.

Jessica visited us at the Crossdressing Service Crewe and had a wonderful dressing service adventure.

But no one pointed at me; no one noticed I was just another person desperately wanting to be just a girl out shopping. This led to me going out more, shopping, the cinema, drinks and eating out. All with nothing nasty happening. I was having a drink in a nice bar and I was conscious a man was staring at me, all tattoos, muscles and shaved head (that’s him not me!). He came over and I thought oh no this could be awkward. He politely asked if he could sit down. He said he didn’t understand what I did or why but he felt it took courage to do it and he respected me for it. Just shows you must never judge by appearance! Just as I have learned from JJ at her wonderful crossdressing service Crewe. Be yourself, she says! Be happy life is too short.

That was earlier this year and since then I’ve been to a concert as Jessica (Little Mix) the girl band and been on a date. I’m still very much in the closet to friends, family and colleagues though. But the crossdressing service Crewe is now on the point of changing so much for me.

I have used two dressing services before with varying degrees of satisfaction. I had looked at Dress Me Up, Crossdressing Service and JJ’s crossdressing service Crewe many times before I plucked up the courage to make an appointment. Talking to JJ, I felt here was someone who really cared. I couldn’t wait till the day for my crossdressing service Crewe appointment came round. Even so I was still a bag of nerves; but I really needn’t have been. When JJ opened the door she was even lovelier then her photos, immaculately dressed and made up. I was immediately drawn in by her warmth and personality, drawn into the safe feminine haven of her discreet and utterly sumptuous crossdressing service Crewe.

Jessica at the Crossdressing Service Crewe

Beautiful Jessica at the Crossdressing Service Crewe wearing a Ted Baker dressing gown.

After a cup of tea and a fabulous crossdressing service Crewe chat I was shown into her lovely bathroom and asked to change into a nice bra and panties along with sheer hold ups. A silky nightie and gown completed the look. Then it was into the crossdressing service Crewe salon and false nails were fitted. All the time JJ chatted away and Jess felt so relaxed before a facemask was applied. Then I was left to relax before a lovely crossdressing service Crewe facial. Then the eye make-up was applied before the rest of the make-up and false lashes. When I saw the result – well, it was flawless.

Then I was sat in front of floor length crossdressing service Crewe mirrors and tried a number of wigs: some were nice, some didn’t suit me; but a lovely blonde one made my heart leap, it was just right. Jessica had truly arrived!

I had to turn away from the mirrors then, and put on a Hawes & Curtis satin pussy bow blouse, with fantastic breast forms filling out my bra and giving me that oh so crossdressing service Crewe feminine shape; and, wow, the highest and wonderfully strappy heels I’ve ever worn. And that close fitting pencil skirt: so delectable. All the time JJ was adjusting and combing my wig before telling me to shut my eyes and she led me in front of a full-length mirror.

Jessica wearing a satin blouse

Jessica wearing a Hawes & Curtis satin pussy bow blouse and black pencil skirt.

On being told to open my eyes, I was so apprehensive. When I did I actually had my breath taken away. Whilst I can go out and can be convincing this was taking it to another level. Looking back at me was a beautifully made up, attractively dressed lady. The crossdressing service Crewe had really worked its magic on Jessica. I could not believe that it was me. I was speechless for a while. Then I could do nothing other than say thank you.

The whole time with JJ’s crossdressing service Crewe was just perfect: the pampering, her meticulous attention to detail. Posing for photos is hard work but JJ is so patient and was continually advising me how to hold my pose how to look how to act.

All I can say is that JJ’s crossdressing service Crewe was the highlight of Jessica’s life. I will be returning no question.

If are thinking about visiting her crossdressing service Crewe: do it! You will not regret it, I promise. It is beyond comparison and I will forever be in her debt for showing me my feminine potential and giving me such a crossdressing service Crewe boost in confidence.

So don’t delay: follow my lead: and bring that incredible woman within you to life.

Jessica xx