Crossdressing Gallery

How can I put into words my feelings about JJ’s Cross Dressing Service and her crossdressing gallery of such gorgeous girls? She is the person who has changed my life so much in a short space of time. Her fabulous apartment the place which has made so much difference to me. The wonderful crossdressing gallery of truly beautiful T-girls, their images enticing me and, yes – I will freely admit, exciting every feminine nerve in my body.

Amy has been around for many years. In fact she has been with me off and on since my teens. With little hope it seemed. On a more serious level, crossdressing has been a central part of my life for about eight years now, since when I have been able to dress almost daily from my wardrobe of clothes gathered through this time. However, the old question was always there: should I leave the crossdressing closet? I have looked with such longing at the girls in JJ’s crossdressing gallery, dreaming of the day when I too might join them. Wondering what I might be wearing, imagining the feelings of liberation for the essential woman within me.

Crossdressing Service Amy is wearing a black bra trimmed with white lace

Crossdressing Service Amy is wearing a black bra trimmed with white lace plus a ‘What Katie Did’ under bust satin corset. An organza robe finishes the outfit.

For family reasons, as I thought through the consequences of admitting to others that I needed to express the feminine side of my nature more and more, the answer kept coming back as ‘no’! Such uncertainties, such anxieties, such guilt. There seemed no hope of me being one of JJ’s fabulous crossdressing gallery girls. Yet the pull of crossdressing was so strong that I knew I could not ignore it, could not resist. But I knew I needed a sure guide, a true friend. Then almost out of the blue the breakthrough moment arrived, when I was least expecting it, when I began to look more closely at JJ’S crossdressing service. The more I read on her website, the more I looked at those fantastic images in her crossdressing gallery, the more I discovered how much she really understood. She empathised with those who like me needed so desperately to express their femininity, and the more I knew that I had to make contact. Perhaps to be one of her gorgeous crossdressing gallery girls?

After what seemed an eternity of thought, I contacted JJ and nervously made an appointment. We have all read websites that promise so much. But then left one with a feeling of disappointment, of a crossdressing gallery dream not quite realised. But rest assured every word on JJ’s crossdressing website is the simple truth: the welcoming ‘get to know you’ chat, exquisite garments, full facial (wow), make-up applied with great skill, then being dressed fully in the outfit of your choice, a place in her crossdressing gallery, all sensitively handled by JJ. Too good to be true? Well, it might seem so, until you experience the reality.

On my first visit I chose our much loved tarty look, is that really me looking back at myself from the mirror, no can’t be: that’s a gorgeous crossdressing gallery girl! But with JJ’s skill there I was somewhat overwhelmed, then the crossdressing gallery photographs – such a fabulously feminine experience – strange to me at first but I soon warmed to the occasion with JJ’s encouragement and began to enjoy every moment.

Amy in Organza Gown

Amy in Organza Gown

On my second visit I could not make up mind on a look to go for. There was just so much choice. JJ suggested a bridal gown and after much work getting into the gown and all its trimmings I was almost moved to tears. Posing then for the crossdressing gallery photos: I was speechless with emotion. It was time to change into a gorgeous pink dress selected for me by JJ.

On my most recent visit once again I had no idea of what crossdressing gallery look I wished to achieve JJ said we will see what happens as we go along, after make-up JJ dressed me in black bra and panties edged with white lace and a black satin corset, I looked on as she pulled the corset strings tight giving me that oh so femme crossdressing gallery hourglass look, then a gorgeous black chiffon robe, WOW!!! I felt so sexy and looked stunning then more crossdressing gallery photos, as you can see here: I could never have imagined that I could be a lingerie model, but here I was – feeling so fabulously feminine. We were so engrossed we lost sight of the time and missed lunch completely.

It is obvious to all that JJ enjoys her work and that her girls, as she calls us, always have a genuinely magical crossdressing gallery time. For the first time, being treated with respect, care and a little humour thrown in for good measure.

As I said at the beginning thank you JJ for changing my life in such a positive way, can’t wait for my next crossdressing gallery visit.

Amy xx