Crossdressing France

Dear Charlotte,

I live in France and new to crossdressing. I would like to feminise myself crossdressing France style, but there seems to be very little to help me here. I have searched a lot for someone to help me in Paris, but it is very rare. The few existing ones are not really for me. I do have some ideas of the crossdressing France woman that I would like to become. My body is quite feminine, with longs legs and a nice derrière. Is it possible to meet you if I come in London?

Best regards,


Crossdressing France

Crossdressing France is not so available, now is the time to travel to

Dear Antoine,

The first steps are sometimes the most difficult. JJ has travelled the world to help those just like you as you begin your crossdressing journey. Crossdressing France? Mais oui, ma cherie! But if you really do want to experience the thrill of feeling like a woman through and through, then a short flight from Paris Airport to Manchester airport or Liverpool airport will bring you very close to her crossdressing France.

And she will transform those troublesome masculine features into the most delicate, feminine appearance. She is magnifique with make-up, très chic. And in her wardrobes and drawers you will find lingerie, dresses, skirts and blouses to suit every possible shape and size. Wigs, shoes, every accessory you can imagine. She always seems to know what suits a girl best, that certain something which allows the woman within you to emerge confident and self-assured. If you live in Paris, you could even be at her door by lunchtime and perhaps home again after a crossdressing France excursion before the day is out, with door.

Far more convenient for you to try out lots of styles to see what suits you best than meeting in London with a more limited selection for the discerning crossdressing France lady to be. As you will read in the many stories on this website, crossdressers approach that door nervously, but – within minutes of meeting JJ – they feel they have known her for years. She will accentuate your best crossdressing France features, whether these are your legs or derrière. your mind spinning with the memories of your visit. And as you will see she can capture those treasured crossdressing France moments with the camera’s eye, so that those memories can be brought to life again and again. So be ready to take that first step across the Channel and contact JJ to make your crossdressing France appointment. And before too long you will be une superbe femme, très belle. Yes, with JJ, il est possible.

And please forgive my schoolgirl French!

JJ’s PA,

Charlotte xx