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Crossdressing Confidence

Most crossdressers keep their feminine lives hidden away. Although it is true that some have the crossdressing confidence to walk out and about fully dressed as a woman, very many more prefer a much more discreet approach. Some of course have come to a point where they have had the crossdressing confidence to approach JJ and ask her for help and guidance: not to ‘go public’, but to express their essential femininity rather more than they have been able to do so before.

A feminization website in the USA, has recently published data about the extent to which T-girls have the crossdressing confidence to leave the safety of their private crossdressing space dressed as women. The website owner Lucille Sorella says that 70% of T-girls dress only in the seclusion of their own homes or when in another totally safe place. So, if these figures are correct, this means that 30% have the crossdressing confidence to go out and about in public.

Crossdressing Confidence

Crossdressing Confidence

Of course, those responding to the questionnaire issued by this website may not be anything like a representative sample: there are just so many crossdressers who don’t have the crossdressing confidence to register even their femme names and email addresses with others. So many girls are full of doubt and guilt. They are hesitant about making contact with anyone let alone a feminization website.

So it is more than probable that there are even more T-girls who find those stolen moments of feminine comfort when they are alone and unsupported. It’s impossible to put numbers on this. Yes, there are girls filled to the brim with crossdressing confidence. Who are ready to boldly step out in their highest heels down streets where no T-girl has gone before! But they are probably the exception to the rule.

Many girls have plucked up the crossdressing confidence to wear panties and feminine lingerie under their male clothes: their secret girly passion hidden away. And as they walk in to work or down the high street, they can feel the fabulous totally private thrill of satin, silk and lace next to their skin giving them the crossdressing confidence they need. And for most that is probably as far as it goes.

Others may go a little further in their daily lives as they try to develop their crossdressing confidence. Perhaps that hint of perfume. Or women’s ankle boots instead of masculine shoes. Perhaps a woman’s shirt: oh … the fabulous sensations of satin and silk. Or women’s trousers, hugging those hips just a little more than usual. A bra may be a little risky, the outline being so easy to detect. But some T-girls are willing to take that risk just for that exquisite feeling of crossdressing confidence which comes when they are wearing that quintessentially feminine bra. Nothing too obvious: but helping you step out with a womanly swing rather than a manly stride.

Crossdressing confidence is the key to feeling feminine, to celebrating your feminine self, to releasing that woman within you. There is nothing wrong of course in needing to keep this part of your life private. But so many girls also have the need to share their passion for femininity with another, wanting desperately for that feeling of solitude to be diminished. And that is exactly why so many girls over the years have made that liberating decision to visit JJ.

To begin the journey to true femininity, free of needless anxiety and unnecessary guilt. Of course, most girls visiting JJ still keep their crossdressing lives to themselves (and JJ). But their crossdressing confidence develops in leaps and bounds as they see themselves ever more clearly as the women they really are.

So are you ready to take the next step in your journey to complete crossdressing confidence? When you telephone JJ, perhaps with your heart pounding away and your mouth a little dry, you will find, as so many have done before, those anxieties simply melting away. Within minutes of meeting her, you will begin to think that you have known her all your life, she understands you so well. And you will ask yourself why it has taken you so long to begin building your crossdressing confidence with her at your side.