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Crossdressing Christmas Make-Up

Time to make that Christmas list and send it to Santa! It’s the season to be as merry and pretty as you please with sparkling crossdressing Christmas make-up. We girls like to feel absolutely fabulous and Christmas is an ideal time to treat ourselves.

Essentials first to get ready for your crossdressing Christmas make-up. Exfoliator; moisturiser; a little smoothing out over those troublesome pores and wrinkles; perhaps a touch of redness corrector to disguise those troublesome chin and moustache areas; perhaps a little concealer under the eyes; then that all-important crossdressing Christmas make-up foundation. And you know how highly JJ rates Dermablend products.

Nothing is better than having the perfect crossdressing christmas with red lips

Nothing is better than having the perfect crossdressing christmas with red lips, glitter and gloss.

But now let’s get down to serious crossdressing Christmas make-up to brighten up that pretty face of yours. But let’s think sophistication here. We are not going for a brash and tarty look. Think Ritz and Harvey Nicks. Not the local pub after too many G and Ts. 

So here are my five tips for the festive season. But you may well need help. You may not be able to do this on your own. Every girl deserves a treat or two, and a visit to JJ may well be called for. Blusher – not too much girls, we don’t want to look like Rudolph in all the wrong places – sparingly along that cheekbone, just accentuating its line. The darker your skin, the bolder the blusher is a simple rule of crossdressing Christmas make-up thumb.

Christmas Make-up

Perfect Christmas Make-up to make you feel like the ultimate seasonal princess.

Eyelashes – the choices now are wonderful: I go for semi-permanent extensions, fixed in place individually: you can be as bold and flirty as you like, but if you need to be cautious about your appearance then go for natural eyelash extensions. Strip eyelashes are a fabulous temporary fix, and if you want that dramatic crossdressing Christmas make-up party look, then these will do the trick. And mascara of course to add even more drama.

Your eyebrows too might need a little crossdressing Christmas make-up attention. Perhaps a trim if you are on the bushy side. Threading helps to remove those stray hairs and emphasize your femininity. Waxing does define the shape effectively. But for goodness sake, don’t hack yourself about with scissors and razors. Professional skill is needed.

Crossdressing Christmas Make-up

Crossdressing Christmas make-up combines fun with the ultimate colours of the season all ready for that Christmas parade.

Crossdressing Christmas make-up for your eyes is another absolute must have. Eyeliner and eye shadow will bring those lovely peepers to life. But don’t overdo it girls: we are not competing with Blackpool illuminations.

Lipstick with a gloss to put a crossdressing Christmas make-up shine to your smile, of course. Using lip liner first helps to define the shape as well as provide a fantastic base.

Now all of this takes practice. You cannot just slap crossdressing Christmas make-up on and expect to look elegant. Professional guidance will help. More and more spas are offering make-up and they don’t turn a hair when their clients are crossdressers. But none are likely to have quite the panache of JJ or her fantastic artistry. And her ability to bring out that inner woman so vibrantly. By Miss Kitty x