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crossdressing bra

crossdressing bra

Suddenly you eyes are drawn towards the display in a lingerie store window. You shiver with delight as you are transfixed by the wonders before you. Your heart is racing as you begin to imagine how it would feel to be wearing such delicate lingerie. And there, so gorgeous, so feminine in every way, just before you, you see ‘it’ – the bra of your dreams. Inviting you. Enticing you. Your senses are overwhelmed. Satin, silk, lace. Shiny, soft and alluring. So sensual. As your mind reaches out to touch and hold your perfect crossdressing bra.

After long debate with your inner self, pushing him to one side as he interferes, but now the she within him decides and the decision is made: you must have that crossdressing bra. To feel it so close to you, caressing every every part of your feminine breasts, its straps firmly placed over your shoulders. The tightness of the clasp at the back now supports your bosom, lifting, holding, caressing. Deliciously locked within its silken embrace. Now, as you have known all along, there is no turning back.

Nothing defines a woman quite so much as her crossdressing bra. Not only does it accentuate her feminine shape, the bra affects the way she stands, the way she walks, the way she feels about herself. Yet the apparent simplicity of the garment is misleading. As you are drawn into the realm of crossdressing bras you enter a world which is an almost mysterious blend of aesthetics and science. Where beauty depends not just upon appearance but also paradoxically upon measurement. And that of course takes us to …

Crossdressing Bra Back Sizes

Bra Measuring

Bra Measuring For Crossdresser

How on earth do you find a crossdressing bra that actually fits you? Many women walk around in bras that do not fit them either well or at all. And the bra size advice you see on store websites is a rule of thumb, not a perfect science. Buying bras that fit might seem to be daunting – for all women as well as for crossdressers. But the experience for a crossdresser entering this incredible feminine world can and should be exhilarating, as you reveal to yourself the deliciously wonderful mysteries of bras. So, let’s get down to the business of choosing that perfect crossdressing bra for you.

We all probably know that the measurement under your ‘boobs’ gives the back size of the crossdressing bra: but if this measurement is 38 inches, the bra size for you could be 2 inches up or down on this. And just to make our lives fun different companies have different ways of designing and manufacturing the bra – so you really do have to try the crossdressing bra on to be sure. And, of course, you do so want to try them on.

Then there are different kinds of crossdressing bra – full cup, demi-cup, push-up, balcony, wired and non-wired, plunge, the list goes on; and then there is your own body shape, and sadly to muddy the crossdressing bra waters, the crossdressing anatomy is not quite the same as for most women. To complicate matters even more some companies use ‘traditional’ sizing for the back measurement: so a 34 back would then be 34 plus 4! A rather less flattering 38. Confused? Just let JJ measure you and she will point your boobs in the right direction to your perfect crossdressing bra!

Crossdressing Bra Cup Sizes

But it is when we start to consider cup sizes for your crossdressing bra that the real fun begins! Good old M&S will probably tell you (if you can find an assistant) that, with a 38 inch back and (let’s say) 41 inches over one’s natural boobs themselves then you would be are 38B or 38C, but still like you may find you need a little additional help to fill those cups. Au naturelle you could be anything from 38A upwards. Because of ‘sister’ sizes, you may find that a 38C and a 40B are very close in fit. The sister size rule: if you go down a back size, then go up a cup size and vice versa.

If your brain hasn’t already exploded, then check out one of the better bra manufacturer websites helping T-girls to understand the complexities with fairly clear explanations. So is there any hope for crossdressers? Almost all women have to experiment with sizes to get the right fit. And so do crossdressers for their crossdressing bra. That is crossdressing life! But JJ is standing ready to help you out with your crossdressing bra cup choices: don’t be shy now, just ask.

Buying your Crossdressing Bra

Buying a crossdressing bra

Buying a crossdressing bra

If you are shy about department stores that’s what the Internet is for. There are some shoddy and poorly made garments out there, especially as you may have already found on crossdressing websites. But there are also some real diamonds. Secrets in Lace is great for crossdressers: such fabulous and generally well made lingerie and perfect crossdressing bras. Just one look and your reaction will be: “Want, need, and must have now!” The European website has a more restricted range than the parent US website. But at least those crossdressers on this side of the Atlantic pond on the hunt for a great crossdressing bra don’t have to pay customs duties on US imports. By using click and collect for the major stores you don’t need to pay the earth in postage for your crossdressing bra. Click, collect, try on a range of sizes, decide which one is right for you (using the website above to assist you) and return the rest! Simples!!

Trying on your Crossdressing Bra

Some big stores do not have a problem with you trying on their clothes. But understandably you may be really worried about this. There is one lingerie store which not only lets you try lingerie on but which will also give you a very expert fitting: Rigby and Peller in Knightsbridge, London. You must book a fitting appointment online.

Make sure let them know you are a ‘biologically’ a man and they will give you an early appointment, before the store opens so you can try things on in complete privacy. The girls there are fantastic: they learn how to size you by eye and do not need tape measures. Now how impressive is that! And there are lots of wonderful choices for the larger girl.

There is one drawback though. The lingerie in this store is not exactly cheap. Have a look at the bras on the Rigby and Peller website. This is Christmas present territory even if you are buying that crossdressing bra for yourself and what better present could you give yourself? Go ahead, indulge. Another very sympathetic store, less expensive, and a favourite with vintage CD aficionados is What Katie Did of London and Hollywood!

They use traditional sizing. And you can book an appointment in total privacy Monday to Thursday when the store is open on an appointment basis only. And, oh joy, they stock some gorgeous corsets, girdles, panties and lots of other goodies. Sadly if you are much more than size 16 then they may not have too much for you, although I believe they could order it in.

There are other stores of course: not every girl can get to London easily. Again finding one which will allow you to try on your crossdressing bra is a matter of trial and error. Just telephone or email them first and see what they say. Less nerve-wracking than a person-to-person enquiry. Of course if you are really canny, purchase quite a few on the internet or on click and collect, take them along to your dressing service appointment with JJ, and let her help you with your crossdressing bra choices. Then just return what you don’t want.

Filling your Crossdressing Bra

Breast Forms

Breast Forms for crossdressers

A tricky problem for any novice cross-dresser is deciding on how to fill that crossdressing bra. Socks inside your crossdressing bra, NO ! They don’t really provide that stylish feminine silhouette, being just a little too much on the lumpy side! And balloons may be smoother but they can deflate suddenly and explosively, which could be a touch unnerving. Especially if you have filled the balloon with water to add a little substance to the crossdressing bra filling, just don’t to that.

But oh, those days of rummaging through first your mum’s or sister’s lingerie to find a suitable crossdressing bra and then through your own sock drawer may bring back some bittersweet memories. Even so, once you have dismissed the idea of raiding your sock drawer, there are several other appropriate choices. Firstly, you can simply use the smallest cup non-padded bra you can find to hold your masculine mini-boobs in place.

This can be really effective if you have anything approaching an A cup or more on top. And M&S and a few other stores do have several decent bras in A cup sizes up to 42 and even 44: but these are not the prettiest examples of crossdressing bras. Online shopping for your crossdressing bra in small cup sizes will give you more silky and satiny alternatives in smaller cup sizes.

But some crossdressers are as flat as the proverbial ironed pancake. Which of course is not a problem, for there are so many other delightful ways to develop that wonderful feminine shape. There are crossdressing bras with padding, bringing just that extra touch of emphasis for every girl, male as well as female. The combination of a push-you-up crossdressing bra and padding can be a great ‘smoke-and-mirrors’ way of giving your bust a real boost.

‘Chicken fillets’ can give us another inexpensive way (roughly £20) to provide that little bit extra inside your crossdressing bra. But if you want the type which add the right kind of substance inside your crossdressing bra then the lingerie department of Debenhams is a far better destination than the fridges of Marks and Sparks. However, take note: the silicone enhancement thus provided will not add much more than half a cup size to your assets. And you may need a more structured crossdressing bra so that the lines of silicone insert won’t be too obvious.

Breastforms for your Crossdressing Bra

There are many kinds of breastforms for your crossdressing bra on the market and the very best are not cheap; and once you have experienced them you may come to believe that there is no point in buying a pair of breastforms unless they are silicone. Priced at anything between £50 and £900 will give you a very realistic feeling: of weight, of bounce, of shape. Some will need to be stuck to your chest with medical adhesive or double-sided tape. Make sure that chest is hair-free first or you may experience the joys of waxing when you least expect it.

But there are also self-adhesive forms to fill that crossdressing bra, with Amoena being the leading supplier, with prices around £200 to £350 depending on size. If you have a reasonable amount of breast tissue (between A and B cup), then consider using use the Amolux brand which has a concave shape between form and breast. When deciding on the right size for your forms, remember that what gives you a D cup with one bra back size will only give you a C cup with a larger back size.

There are two online companies which provide an excellent and discrete service, one in Cheshire and the other in Yorkshire. A well-known national dressing service also provides their own forms for crossdressing bras, but you might consider them a little too ostentatious and unrealistic for your feminine taste. Given the expense involved, research your purchase carefully.

Silicone is first choice for your crossdressing bra but with one important exception: if you want something to wear when sleeping, avoid silicone breastforms for your overnight crossdressing bra: silicone forms may be insufficiently resilient should too much pressure by applied to them, always a risk if you have a tendency to sleep on your side or front. Go for a cheaper foam pair which gives you the desired shape overnight.

However, Aphrodite silicone forms for your crossdressing bra are said to be appropriate for overnight use as well as day use: but the price tag is nearly £500 WOW. At the top end of the breastform market, the Real Breast brand will set you back between £700 and £900, extremely expensive. As you would expect, they do look fantastic, but so do many of the less expensive forms for your crossdressing bra. Do remember though: your breastforms are not just for Christmas, they are for life!

Developing your Bust for a Crossdressing Bra

Trawling through the Internet you will find advice on exercises for bust development. They may not do too much for your cleavage, but they certainly tone those breast tissue muscles up. Every little helps fill that crossdressing bra. One ‘electrical’ method can have immediate and significant effects if you have breast tissue. Carita technology is a proven non-invasive face lifting therapy.

Now this technology has also been applied to the bust. Your bust measurement might increase on the first treatment by a full inch as your cup size increased by at least a half and with several further treatments. Minerva rejuvenation technology can also be effective but mostly with the maintenance of lift. You feel as though a vigorous massage is in process as your muscles are toned relentlessly by electrical impulses.

Of course, there are more dramatic strategies, cosmetic surgery and hormones. The first of these will certainly enhance your boobs for your crossdressing bra. The second is said to be less effective for those who have seen too many years passing you by. In both cases, serious medical advice, and not just from the person selling you the procedure or the product, is absolutely essential.

The Golden Rule for your Perfect Crossdressing Bra

With all this choice you will quite naturally be overwhelmed at first. And that is precisely why you need to seek expert advice in person. Especially if you want to avoid some very expensive mistakes. And the best expert on the block for any crossdresser is JJ. Contact her now!