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Crossdressing Bangkok

Jas is a Vietnamese crossdresser living in Bangkok. JJ met Jas on a recent trip to Thailand and she asked Charlotte to interview her about crossdressing Bangkok style.

Charlotte: Thank you so much, Jas, for agreeing to be interviewed: I just know that the girls who read JJ’s website will want to hear all about crossdressing Bangkok and perhaps might even be persuaded to hop on a long-haul flight so they might enjoy the thrills of Thailand at first hand. So how did your journey to crossdressing Bangkok start? Were you able to dress openly or was it in secret?

Crossdressing Bangkok

Crossdressing Bangkok is the perfect place to feel free and relax into the woman that you are.

Jas: I started when I was a kid in Vietnam. One of my early memories was playing with my older cousin as she applying make-up. Another time I tried on some of my sister dresses. It’s been mostly in secret and many times I tried to stop and feeling bad for what I was doing and tried to hide Jas for most of my life. For example I did bodybuilding for several years and that seemed to help on the short term, but then again Jas would eventually take over and lead me towards crossdressing Bangkok. I started to understand that this was not just a hobby or temporary thing. So in the last five years I decided to dedicate time to understand myself as Jas and started to give time and priority to crossdressing Bangkok as much as I could, learn how to apply makeup and eventually find the courage to go out in public and simply accept myself as Jas and accept crossdressing Bangkok totally into my life.

How are Cross dressers perceived in Bangkok? Are they accepted?

Crossdressers in Bangkok are a very small hidden minority, almost not existent compared to the predominant transgender community. From my prospective being a CD, here in crossdressing Bangkok, is mostly considered a phase before becoming a transgender. But of course that does not always happen: some girls are simply crossdressing Bangkok and that is all. So most of the crossdressing Bangkok girls I know are closet ones. They don’t go out in public or very very rarely do it, while other girls like me that do it, are often treated as transgender or lady boys.

 And what are the reactions to T-girls in Thailand?

Overall compared to other countries, Thailand it’s probably the most transgender friendly country in the world and people don’t really care about how you want to express your gender. This may also have to do with the Buddhist mentality and very chilled out attitude. Of course challenges are still present for the TG community. But I see that things every year are getting better. It’s nice to see that there are many transgender associations helping young crossdressing Bangkok girls understand themselves more and at the same time promoting a better image of the transgender community in Thailand.

Tell me a little about your crossdressing Bangkok website: when did you start this and why? What kinds of responses have you?

I started initially a Facebook page just for fun. I enjoyed seeing boy to girl transformations and since I couldn’t find a decent page sharing high quality transformation I decided to build myself one! The response was great as other people liked the transformations I was sharing and from that I decided to build a crossdressing website and pull together a community of fans. My goal for the crossdressing Bangkok site is to inspire and help people discover their feminine side, giving them the confidence to be themselves, no matter in what country of the world they are located. So on top of sharing crossdressing Bangkok transformations, I also try to include inspiring dressing, personality and makeover services, because somehow that is how I got inspired myself.

 Do you mix with Lady Boys when you are dressed? How do they treat you?

When I am crossdressing Bangkok style, I think I pass as a Lady boy. I never had any problem and I get simply treated as one or I also get treated as woman, which is flattering considering that I never took any hormones and such. Of course I still try to improve myself and I still have a long way to go to get what I imagine for the ultimate crossdressing Bangkok Jas.

 Where are the best places for Crossdressers to go in Bangkok: areas where they would be accepted?

There are many transgender friendly clubs and gay clubs providing for the needs of crossdressers. Maggie Chow is pretty famous. To have an idea of crossdressing Bangkok at its best you can just check the Silom and Nana areas. It’s very hot in Thailand, so I suggest to hang out in places with air conditioning if you wearing a wig.

 Is anything like JJ’s dressing service in Bangkok?

I think JJ is a wonderful woman and I was so glad that I met her in person! She is doing an amazing job with her crossdressing service and I will sure visit her one day! Sadly there is nothing quite like her dressing service here in Bangkok.

Thank you so much, Jas. We all wish you well as you continue to explore crossdressing Bangkok.

Charlotte, PA to JJ xx