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Crossdressing Appointments

crossdressing appointments.

Be transformed into a beautiful girl at one of our crossdressing appointments.

Dear JJ, Thank you again for giving Suzanne such a good time when we met for the second of my crossdressing appointments with you. Everything was so much more relaxed. I knew I could confidently talk to you about how I felt after my first crossdressing appointments visit, which was an amazing experience especially as you chose to feature me on your new web site. What a privilege! I received the CD of more pictures and the vast majority are excellent, those that are not I hasten to add are not due to the crossdressing appointments photographer but to Suzanne not posing or standing correctly!

Driving to your crossdressing appointments apartment again filled me full of anticipation as to what to expect this time. I was not disappointed. You looked as beautiful as I remembered from before. We had a lovely greeting just like old friends and our relaxed chat over coffee. You understand so well what we girls need. I admired your newly decorated crossdressing appointments changing room where you had laid out for me an exquisite lacey bra, pants and sheer black tights. You had also given me beautiful champagne coloured silk lingerie to wear, which felt wonderful and so feminine.

Crossdressing Appointments

Suzanne looks fabulous in red Italian silk blouse

I literally floated into the makeup boudoir and as the lights dimmed, I enjoyed again a relaxing facial and skin mask. This is crossdressing appointments pampering of the highest order. Then to the makeover, long pink nails fixed and slightly heavier eye makeup than before, long lashes and ‘Russian red’ lips. You chose the long blonde wig I had enjoyed before in the first of my crossdressing appointments, expertly styled it as my crowning glory and Suzanne was ready to dress. I especially liked the heavier eye makeup.

I looked fabulous! But that is what you, JJ, do so well. You chose for me a beautiful pink blouse, a smart pencil black skirt and black heels, just right for a crossdressing appointments dinner date or even to act as a smart executive PA. I looked 10 years younger! After a break of some refreshment, you helped me to put on a gorgeous black evening dress with a white lacey bodice and spaghetti straps, pearls and a black satin stole. I was ready to be asked to dance. Then as a finale, a soft silky silk slip under the champagne silk lingerie. And, during this second of my crossdressing appointments, so many pictures taken.

crossdressing appointment

Crossdressing appointment for Suzanne

You take so much time to choose what clothes look best on me and give me ideas about my posture especially when being photographed to get the best pictures. The four hours fly by. And, I suspect like all your wonderful girls, I want it to be longer. I want to be beautiful, feminine even sexy when dressed and try on so many more of your beautiful crossdressing appointments clothes. I could have stayed in the sexy silk lingerie all day and night!

Here is to the next visit and having seen ideas from some of your other girls website pictures, perhaps Suzanne could wear a showgirl outfit with corset, a spring wedding suit and big hat or again a glamorous cross dressing fur with sexy lingerie again…or all three, after a careful makeover and hair styling. It’s so wonderful how you individualize your crossdressing appointments service so well and you really do understand what we girls need. Anybody visiting for their crossdressing appointments will have the same wonderful time I have had and want again in the future as I do. Hugs and kisses Suzanne xx

Crossdresser in pink satin robe

Suzanne in a pink satin robe at her crossdressing appointment.