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I am Bethan Jane,Victoria and Kristina’s crossdressing mobile make up artist and holistic beauty therapist, and I am pleased to meet you. I am here to answer questions on clothes, make-up and everyday life, in fact anything and everything upon which you may need crossdressing advice. If I can offer you any crossdressing advice or general help please do not hesitate to ask. In the meantime here is a little information about me. Like all modern women I will always tell the truth about my age, except when I decide not to.


Currently I am 35. Born under the sign of Sagittarius: so I am warm and generous; and I love and live life to the full. I have worked in publishing for most of my life but not the especially glamorous end. I am so delighted to give my T-girl friends tips and crossdressing advice about clothes and exquisite lingerie, fabulous make-up all ultra-feminine of course. Victoria and Kristina are far more expert than I will ever be, so I do consult them often about the best crossdressing advice to pass onto her girls. I adore Chanel and Jimmy Choo, and my favourite lingerie store is Rigby and Peller: when I can afford such luxuries or persuade someone special to get their credit card out for me. When will those lottery numbers come up? I am a sucker for silk and satin.

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Bethan Jane giving Crossdressing Advice


Red rather than pink lips and nails for me. But I can be tempted by any bright colours. And don’t you just love the new Louboutin shades for nails? My first hint of crossdressing advice for you girls: go and check them out. I use Yves St Laurent for my make-up. I have been both blonde and brunette, but as you can see from my picture I prefer the latter right now. But who knows: I might change my mind and tomorrow is another crossdressing advice day! My top reads: an old-fashioned murder mystery or a Delia cookery book plus checking out all the latest fashion magazines for make-up and hair styles.


Music: Soul, R and B or melodic jazz, nice and seductive. Best films ever: Pretty Woman and Sleepless in Seattle. With a really good weep. And Tootsie, of course: Dustin Hoffman was brilliant and he did not seem to need too much crossdressing advice to look fabulous as Dorothy Michaels! TV: not if I can help it. Biggest crushes: Johnny Depp, Ralph Fiennes and Gary Oldman. I would love to see them in dresses with a little crossdressing advice from yours truly and then the complete Victoria and Kristina’s makeover. Biggest girl crush: Christina Hendricks. And she is a big girl: I adored her Mad Men vintage style. My favourite food and drink: Dover sole – off the bone of course, strawberries, chocolate mousse and properly chilled Sancerre rosé. Who needs anything else? So if you need a little crossdressing advice from time to time, get those questions rolling in please and I shall do my very best to answer them. Now simple just click on the link to take you to lots more crossdressing advice Crossdressing Answers


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