Crossdresser Service

I do not recognise even the slightest part of ‘John’ in the woman who is in the photographs chosen and sent to me by JJ after my crossdresser service session with her recently. A late-fifties well dressed and groomed ‘Jane’ is looking back at me and not the going on seventy two year old grey haired John. Brilliant beauty therapy and photographic skills at the crossdresser service have produced this incredible transformation and it is wonderful, amazing and the fulfilment of a dream to see me at my best I when cross-dressed.

Crossdresser Service

Jane is wearing a bright and flowery body con dress with black strappy shoes.

My journey as to the crossdresser service started a good thirty or so years ago in South Africa to where I had emigrated as a 25 year old single working class lad from the North fed up with Harold Wilson and his reversible Gannex raincoat! A wonderful life in the Sun moving rapidly up the corporate ladder, meeting a lovely South African girl and marrying her (to whom I am still married for 43 years) ensued. During a supper amongst good friends, a discussion took place about crossdressing with the usual derogatory comments from the lads – but not so much from the girls around the table I noted.

This was the first time I had ever heard of such a thing and had to have it explained to me. Quietly thinking: that sounds interesting and perhaps I should give it a try! So I did; and really enjoyed it and so I was hooked. In the frantic world of building a career, providing for a family and all the other family activities, there was not a lot of time for crossdresser service activities including the very private time needed but managed to get in a bit here and there over the years. I was now on the journey which would eventually lead me to JJ’s crossdresser service door.

I had had enough of the corporate world eventually and started my own business which expanded rapidly and within 10 years was employing over 200 employees. Then, without warning: Crash! I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma skin cancer from too much exposure to the South African sun. Poor prognosis for survival with my crossdressing service future evaporating: I was really was very ill from the surgery and chemotherapy and unable to work. I was the key man in the business and it went under and we lost everything including our home in the process. Thanks to brilliant oncology I survived; but then we were attacked in our home when the apartheid regime collapsed. This determined us to leave and come to Britain to start again. My crossdresser service future now looked a little more positive.

My wife and I were very lucky to get well paid jobs we recovered our financial situation: my crossdresser service future now looking even rosier. Then out of the blue: Crash again! Prostate cancer struck. Was this the end of my crossdresser service dreams? Now the treatment for prostate cancer is to cut off the supply of testosterone which is a feeder to prostate cancer cells. Essentially it is chemical castration; and in the process naturally increases the levels of oestrogen in the body and female menopause symptoms occur. Hot flushes, mood swings, loss of body hair and very emotional with lots of tears. Real highs and lows one minute wanting to change the world and the next depressing, near-suicidal thoughts. Weight gain and breasts start to grow and erectile dysfunction the norm!

Crossdresser Service Jane

This is the very lovely Jane and she is wearing a white silk pussy bow blouse.

A crossdresser service dream perhaps? But not really so, as this is a life threatening disease and not to be messed about with. Involved now in prostate cancer support, I see these side effects all the time with fellow sufferers and it is one of the unsaid aspects of prostate cancer with most men to embarrassed by the side effects and in denial and refusing to talk about it. Desperately sad. As a side effect of the treatment I was now diagnosed with bladder cancer which fortunately was not too serious and was fairly easily treated and sorted. Fellow cancer sufferers say with a touch of irony that I am greedy.

The chemotherapy treatment has ended now but I will be on hormone treatment for the rest of my life although at reduced intensity. This treatment just really increased my desire for the femininity which comes from the crossdresser service. I have been very active crossdressing for the last seven years. I was never really very good at the make-up though and although I felt I looked quite good in female clothes I just wanted to do it properly and investigated what kinds of crossdresser service were available.

I was really surprised to find quite a lot advertised, but one crossdresser service clearly stood out head and shoulders above the rest and pressed all the right buttons and met all my needs and that was JJ’s Crossdresser service. I made contact with JJ through her website and asked the question: could she help a going on late sixties (bit of a fib) T-girl with her crossdresser service? I waited anxiously for the reply. No reply or a negative would have been the end of any thoughts of stepping out of my secret world into the light of her crossdresser service. Brilliant: “Of course I can help!” came the reply and my crossdresser service appointment was made and soon off I went.

An extraordinary wonderful and yes fantastically fun few crossdresser service hours experience of completely giving over to JJ’s skills and care to transform me from John to Jane. The remarkable photographs I have in front of me now illustrate the professionalism of JJ’s crossdresser service. How I wish this had happened years before and the utter enjoyment and deep sense of completeness I now feel. The crossdresser service may have been a long time coming now I have arrived safely I shall not waste a moment.

JJ, how soon before I can see you again and enjoy the heady, sweet perfume of your crossdresser service?