Crossdresser Makeover

So here was I, on my first visit to see JJ and experience the wonderfully feminine delights of a crossdresser makeover. As the door opened to JJ’s private apartment, my breath was taken away. She is more beautiful and so elegant. Her pictures portray this beauty and elegance. But they do not capture her vivacity. And her smile: it was so welcoming. Putting me at ease right from the start of my first maid crossdresser makeover adventure. I have dressed for years but felt that it was time to try something quite new, quite different. And when I saw the pictures of maid crossdressing on JJ’s website, I just knew this was for me.

crossdresser makeover

Debby at the crossdresser makeover service

There is something so fabulously feminine about a crossdressing maid uniform which appeals to the woman inside me, the woman who is Debby, the person I really am. After calming my nerves, JJ asked me to retire to the bathroom – so perfectly pink – to put on a satin and lace bra and panties – so delicious – and hold-up stockings with deep lace welts, and a frilly, frivolous gown – oh so gorgeous. I emerged with my male persona gone … ‘whoosh’: enter Debby ready for my maid crossdresser makeover. Goodness, how fantastically feminine I felt in a crossdresser makeover paradise and I just knew that in JJ’s tremendously professional hands all would be well.

Crossdressing Service for Debby

Crossdressing Service for Debby

We chatted as she applied my make-up. Then she picked out for me a truly fabulous blonde wig, with curls tumbling down and over my shoulders. Finally she helped me into a satin frilly blue maid crossdressing uniform. With fabulous petticoats. I just loved those petticoats! One of the challenges for any for girl is learning to how to walk in high heels. JJ asked me to practise a little: it felt so right for me, even if I was a little uncertain in my pretty heels. Twirling and swirling. Even the odd curtsey or three. Heavenly! When the time came for me to change back into my male persona, I shed a tear. But there was joy as well as a little sadness that my adventure was coming to an end.

Crossdresser Maid

Crossdresser maid Debby loves all frills and petticoats

I know that Debby wants to come out to play again and be a maid again. She might even get to serve JJ her tea next time. JJ took pictures of me throughout my special crossdresser makeover appointment. You can see by the examples here that I loved every second of my crossdresser makeover treat. So if you are thinking of treating yourself, I can’t recommend JJ highly enough. She is the perfect crossdresser makeover guide for any maid in waiting. Love Debby xxx

Sissy maid Debby

Sissy maid Debby folding towels