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Crossdresser Makeover UK

When JJ organizes a crossdresser makeover UK party, every girl lucky enough to attend will find herself thrilled from her carefully coiffured head to those high heeled toes. And this most recent occasion was spectacularly successful: a 1920’s themed murder mystery evening, with sensational crossdresser makeover UK gowns and accessories. JJ asked some of the eleven girls who joined in the fun to tell those of us unable to be there about their wonderful experiences of JJ’s party. What follows is a pastiche of their thoughts and reflections.

Easter always has a feeling of crossdresser makeover UK in the air, putting a real spring in one’s step. JJ welcomed the girls as they arrived, looking totally fabulous in her slinky and shimmering Charleston-style dress and her sumptuous fur wrap. Straight out of a Chicago speakeasy, with an old-fashioned murder just round the corner.

Crossdresser Makeover UK

Crossdresser makeover UK for the perfect 1920’s murder mystery party.

JJ and her three helpers and eleven crossdresser makeover UK girls were gathered together around JJ’s table, all suspects in a carefully crafted 1920’s murder mystery. After a refreshing glass of bubbly as we crossed the threshold, and the fantastically accomplished Lady R on piano and the superbly delectable and cool Samantha on vocals, slips of paper were handed round by Nigella, our crossdressing makeover UK Queen of Crime.

One unlucky crossdresser makeover UK girl discovered that she was to be the murderer: but no one else knew her guilty secret. Considerable ingenuity had gone into the creation of this drama, worthy of the inimitable Agatha Christie herself, with character sketches supplied on which all the suspects could base their individual line of questioning in Act One.

However, the intervention of the dinner’s main course, trio of lamb, served by the wonderful chef, together with the persistent filling of glasses by Jackie, led to a hiatus in the murder investigation and eventually to the abandonment of Acts Two and Three as everyone toasted another of JJ’s fabulous crossdresser makeover UK parties.

The evening had started for most of the girls at a nearby hotel, with crossdresser makeovers skillfully applied by JJ and her assistants for the evening, Sobia and Hannah. Kathryn was on hand to assist with guiding the girls through the ‘when, where and what’ of their crossdresser makeover UK evening. Many girls like Rita had brought their own gowns – but still needed JJ’s eye to help them choose which would make the best impact; other relied on JJ’s wardrobe for their transformation. And from the hotel the girls were whisked away by our chauffeurs to the party.

The crossdresser makeover UK mystery before the girls: who killed Ginger Whiskers, fiancée of the Gray Catsby? A few false starts on the Murder mystery showed that Cleo Du Boudoir was not quite on the top of her game but nobody was in the least bit bothered as we succumbed to the delights of the crossdresser makeover UK freely flowing wine. Should we be surprised that everyone was having so much fun that we never got beyond Act I? Could anyone remember what questions are asked or answers given?

For the record, Pamela – wearing a short green emerald green flapper dress with gold styling, complemented with black feather boa, pearls, headdress, gloves and fan – revealed that she was the murderer. Naughty girl!

Aisha, on her first ‘public’ outing, stole the best crossdresser makeover UK dress prize, having plundered JJ’s wardrobe for the perfect 1920’s dress. False eyelashes, pink nails, matching pink lips, with sparkling eye make-up all combining wonderfully to contrast with her perfectly beautiful white dress and silver peep toe shoes.

And so, as all the best stories relate, to home or hotel: tired but exhilarated after a truly perfect evening.