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Cross Dressing Service and Louise

To those looking on they would believe that my childhood was happy and contented but putting on a façade was something I was able to do from an early age and I am now well versed in. I was the chubby kid who from quite young developed man boobs and, kids being kids, I was teased mercilessly. When I didn’t hide I was made to feel odd and like an outcast. I was also not well endowed and this made my life hell when going on to senior school. I was the talk of the school for some time. Needless to say I had only a few friends: nerds and geeks in today’s language. If only I could have found the escape to a new feminine reality offered by JJ’s cross dressing service. Instead I clothed myself in secrecy.

I got used to being on my own and retreated into my own world. But I discovered that this did not have to be altogether a sad and lonely existence. The one thing I could do is dream and I had a vivid imagination. What did I do? I created my own cross dressing service. It was whilst I was left alone home one day that I ventured without care or thought into my mother’s wardrobe. I was wholly captivated by the colours, textures and femininity before me. I didn’t start dressing there and then but it’s definitely where the cross dressing service seeds were planted on my journey.

cross dressing service

Louise at the cross dressing service.

At the time, I was 18 years old, signed off with my first period of depression in my life and suffering badly with asthma and allergies so I was feeling like I needed a lift in my spirits. I remembered the tingle of excitement I had before when I visited mum’s wardrobe and this time I began the cross dressing service journey that was going to become part of my life.

Left alone there was no stopping me! I remember so vividly as if it was yesterday the sheer thrill and excitement when putting on my first cross dressing service bra, panties and stockings. The choice of dresses were great because my mum and I were the same size: how fortunate for me! I nearly got caught out a few times by neighbors’ and delivery people. But the risk of discovery all seemed to add to my do-it-yourself cross dressing service thrills. My time for dressing was limited to 3 months of utter bliss as I ended up getting a job, and living at home, there was just no way to continue.

The years went by and I repressed any thoughts of dressing, preferring to live the lie that my cross dressing service persona was all just a passing phase in life. Unfortunately I have experienced multiple periods of ill health and this continued to put me off getting a place on my own. After all, a depressive illness and isolation is not good for the soul, as I was often told. It took me until I was 43 years old to rekindle what was always there, my need for a cross dressing service. But this time it came in the form of a discovery that I had a fetish for satin, that most sensuous of fabrics.

Cross dresser Louise

Cross dresser Louise in that little black dress.

A couple of the ladies at work wore satin blouses and I saw the beautiful shiny cross dressing service texture. I was then drawn whilst out shopping one day to the lingerie section where I saw a silky nightgown in satin. I felt the material and it was so soft and slippery. It sent a tingle of excitement through my body. On impulse I bought the satin nightgown. That night I slipped it on and thought I was in my cross dressing service dream world, full of soft silky lingerie. Thereafter I begin to buy more nightgowns, panties, even a blouse and skirt in satin. I just couldn’t help myself.

Needless to say that one day my mum inevitably found my cross dressing service stash. There was an unholy row and my mum told me that she would rather I was gay than this. She saw my need for a cross dressing service as disgusting and shameful. She was all for throwing me out there and then, but although disappointed in me my dad said I could stay. However, it was clear though that the terrible possibility of bringing my cross dressing service needs to an end was the catalyst for me finally moving out.

Once I got the keys to my new home I was liberated. My own cross dressing service heaven awaited me. Slowly but surely I began to experience the joys that my own cross dressing service gave me; and little by little I came to understand that this was a part of who I was. The hidden identity within me could come fully alive: Louise was born!

Cross Dressing Service Louise

Cross dressing service has a new girl on the block.

I have now cross dressed for seven years and discovered so many things about Louise and her cross dressing service needs. She is girly, but not overtly so. She likes to dress elegantly but can also be mischievous and daring. She can also be melancholy and dark and wears cross dressing service clothes to represent all of these mood changes. A trip through my wardrobe shows I like to experiment with textures and colour. I still love satin but I also have discovered cross dressing service leather, lace, and PVC.

My cross dressing service clothes reflect the complex personality that is Louise – just like any other woman in fact. I am growing still to love Louise and become more confident that being her is being me. She is now the biggest part of my life. For now I know that transitioning from male to female to become Louise full time is not for me. The hurdle of family, friends and work colleagues is just too much and I lack confidence in spades. So I remain exploring the joys of my cross dressing service, now guided by the wonderful JJ who understands me so well.

I do give clues away, female jumpers and jeans and jackets. I tint my eyebrows and have them shaped as any woman would, tint my eyelashes, use nail varnish but very light pinks and a matte finish. I am also changing my hair and have added highlights. I might even go blonde! People are noticing the cross dressing service changes; but done subtly and slowly they have been accepted without much fuss.

I am not sure what the future holds but what I do know is that Louise is beautiful, I love her and she will always be a huge part of who I am. And I know that with JJ here to guide Louise, we shall have tremendous cross dressing service fun together.

Hugs and cross dressing service kisses

Louise xx