Cross Dressing Make Up

Growing up in the 1950s women always made the most of themselves for that special occasion, with full make up, the special dress, petticoats and accessories.  All of which must have made a subconscious impression on me which lay dormant for many years. My introduction to the delights came much later by accident: I was to cross dress and wear crossdressing make up for a fancy dress party. The preparation of trying on clothes at different times to make sure they fitted, but it was on party night when they all came together that changed me forever. Cross dressing make up was applied including long false eyelashes, long painted nails and toenails, the silk underwear, with bra suitably padded, then the cocktail dress.

Crossdressing make up

Crossdressing make up is perfect for this transvestite.

It was when I put on the gold stiletto shoes and stood up that I felt different and when I looked into the long mirror the result was electrifying and I knew this is who I wanted to be. The opportunity did not arise again and I knew nothing of the cross dressing scene and I felt very alone. It was not until some years later when I was examining some accounts and saw the advertising budget of a company the specialised in crossdressing that I realised that not only was there a ‘scene’, but a huge one and I started to investigate further. My first professional experience with a professional cross dressing make up service was a disaster and I will gloss over it.

I will just say that it was as far removed from my first so-special cross dressing experience as possible. The Internet had emerged by then and it took me over a year to find a crossdressing make up service more suitable. I visited this lady frequently and although she was good, I never felt fully satisfied that my required look was achieved. So I trawled the net again. I then came across the Cross dressing Services and Dress-Me-Up websites which looked so professional. The cross dressing make up and variety of dresses provided seemed exactly what I hoped could be achieved for me: so many girls looking so good and having wonderful experiences.

Crossdressing Zandra

I decided that had to have this experience for myself. Living on the South Coast the journey was not going to be an easy one, I could not rely on the train to get me there and back in one day and the drive would have been exhausting: I might not fully be in the mind-frame to enjoy these new cross dressing make up experiences. With careful planning I settled on a two-part cross dressing make up visit, the first on the afternoon of one day and the second the next morning, with an overnight stay in a local hotel. From visiting the website and reading of other experiences I was not nervous when telephoning JJ, she quickly knew what was required and after making the appointments she followed up with a questionnaire to enable the time to be maximised.

My first crossdressing make up day with JJ eventually arrived and I approached with some trepidation, I had travelled all this way and would it live up to my expectation? JJ opened the door, immaculately presented, and on entering the well-appointed apartment my fears were soon dispelled, what taste she has! I was shown into the lounge and over a welcome cup of coffee over which we finalised my requirements it was off to the bathroom to change into luxurious underwear, stockings and a dressing gown, then into the cross dressing make up room. How would she change this ugly duckling into the swan? She worked her cross dressing make up magic: false nails applied and painted red, with toenails to match, then a facial before applying faultless make up with red lips finished with false eyelashes.

Crossdressing ball gown

Sitting with eyes closed in front of the crossdressing make up mirror, JJ put a blonde wig on me and after styling it and then allowed me to open my eyes. WOW, WOW, WOW! Not only had she allayed all my fears, she had surpassed all my cross dressing make up expectations. Zandra was born! After giving me time to let my new crossdressing make up look sink in, I then went into the dressing room. She had selected a lovely Jacques Vert suit to compliment the cross dressing make up for the icing on the cake. Photographs were taken and then a little time to relax before it was time to remove the cross dressing make up and change: where did those four hours go to?

Staying close by I decided to keep the false nails and toe-polish on; and JJ lent me a pair of stiletto heeled shoes so I could practice walking, I nearly wore the hotel bedroom carpet out. I slept well that night and it was wonderful to awake with painted nails. If only I had had the courage to return to the hotel en femme complete with cross dressing make up. The second appointment was much more relaxed. The same underwear dressing routine: this time with black underwear, stockings and a fresh dressing gown. Then my false nails were replaced by a fresh set and the toenail polish removed only to be replaced with Pink. Suitable crossdressing make up was applied with the same precision, finished off with matching pink lipstick.

A short blonde wig this time and once again JJ had weaved her cross dressing make up magic. The makeover took less time than previously, which left time for four changes. I selected a ball gown and immediately JJ had the inspiration for a long blonde wig combed over one shoulder, the result was electrifying: what a clever woman. A couple of more dresses, photographs and once more my four crossdressing make up hours had flown by. Time to revert to my male clothing with only wonderful memories, relived regularly with the photographs. If this is your first time cross dressing, do not consider going elsewhere: you will not be disappointed. For me the long journey was worth crawling all the way and I cannot wait for the next time. So much cross dressing make up to try, so many clothes to choose from; but so little time!

Zandra xx