Cross Dress Service

My experience with cross-dressing has been a defining factor in my life. At just 22, I am still only a young woman and my dressing has woven a thread of uncertainty about my future, my identity and my sexuality. After visiting JJ and her cross dress service, one thing is abundantly clear: I want to keep dressing and being who I am. I’ll discover the rest as I go and experience more and more of the cross dress service. The feeling of loving how you look is, in my opinion, something to be treasured and I found the cross dress service left me hungry for skirts and dresses. To try on new and exciting clothes on my next visit was a must.

Crossdresser wearing Jessica Howard Dress

Lovely Holly wearing this stunning Jessica Howard dress with pinks and golds.

I was initially nervous about visiting the cross dress service as I don’t know any other dressers my age. However, as soon as I got there, I knew that this was absolutely right for me. JJ spent to time getting to know me and discovering what I wanted to get out of my time with her. Immediately she put me at ease and I felt right at home and felt that I could be my feminine self around her. If anything, the fact that I was young perhaps allowed a variance in the type of outfit I could try which let me go from office secretary to whimsical summer dresses.

Every part of the cross dress service session was tailored to my needs: false or painted nails, eyelashes and mascara, lip liner, lipstick and glosses galore: deciding just how daring I wanted my makeup to be: I love a bit of drama! The experience of getting prepared and applying makeup was so relaxing it was a perfect and oh-so-happy dream. It felt so right to be in a soft, calm cross dress service environment with my makeup on, ready to try out new outfits.

Crossdresser Holly

Crossdresser Holly allows her vixen style to shine out in this designer dress.

The cross dress service outfits themselves were fab! There was a bit of everything on display, dresses, skirts, tops of all shapes and sizes: there really is something for everyone. I found each cross dress service outfit more enticing than the last, each shape fitting me like it was made for me, by the end I was wondering: “Why don’t I dress like this all the time?” I tried dresses, skirts and tops that were to die for. They fitted me perfectly as well. And so many absolutely gorgeous shoes! Heaven!!

The whole cross dress service experience left me feeling like I could be the real me, I felt confident, attractive, totally feminine and alive! I can’t wait to go again and make new discoveries in JJ’s wardrobes and at the same time find out more about my femininity.
Holly xx