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Bras For Men

Hi Charlotte

I was just wondering what advice you could to me. I am looking to buy bras for men but don’t know my bra size. Can you recommend any stores or places that will fit men please?

Blaize x


Dear Blaize,

Sooner or later every T-girl faces this question: how do I get a proper fitting for a crossdressing bra? Getting the right size is a worry for any girl, but finding just the right bras for men pose one or two tricky additional problems.

You can do quite a lot by finding your own bras for men measurements. Some excellent advice is provided on this website: go to But please note that since that piece on crossdressing bras for men was written the two stores mentioned have changed their approach.

Bras for Men

Bras for Men

What Katie Did just off the Portobello Road in West London has a fabulous boutique, well worth a visit just to see the gorgeous range of vintage lingerie at first hand, with many bras for you available? But if you are a size 18 or above or have a bra back size of more than 38 the range is restricted. The girls in the shop are fantastic, sympathetic and just incredibly nice. Not just bras for men here but delicious panties, wonderful shapewear and corsets to die for.

Rigby and Peller used to be the Queen’s lingerie store until the owner unwisely wrote a book revealing perhaps just a little too much: Storm in a D Cup. But if you want just the right size bras for men this may be the best place to go for an expert fitting. They used to sneak you in early before the store opens. But try speaking to the Mayfair store in London: the girls there will not turn a hair when you say you want a bras for men fitting. And they do have sizes for pretty much every T girl out there: really pretty bras up to size 44 back and beyond. You can book a fitting appointment online, but do mention that you are biologically male. They have stores in many parts of the country, so it should not be too hard to find bras for men in your size. They take on look at you and just seem to know your bras for men size even without a tape measure.

Do remember, if you have breast forms you must take them with you! Sorry to state the obvious. There are many other department and boutique stores that offer fitting services, but you should call ahead just to avoid any possible bras for men embarrassment. Of course there is a small number of specialist transgender stores any of which will happily help you to choose the right size bras for men. But there ranges can be very restricted. Check these stores out online first.

Crossdressing bra

Crossdressing bra

When hunting for bras for men, you may need to resort to exactly what many girls have to do: approach the changing rooms with an arm full of different sizes. The article mentioned above explains how different bra manufacturers have different approaches to sizes: all very worrying when looking for bras for men.

Whilst many high street stores have no problem with a T-girl going into the changing areas when dressed as a woman, going in as a man trying on bras for men can cause awkwardness. Check first!

Happy bras for men shopping.

Charlotte xx

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