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Somehow it didn’t seem strange to me that I had this really strong desire to try on the PVC mini skirt that my mum had acquired for my sister. When the opportunity finally arose the feeling was incredible. My very own private boudoir dressing service! Well, unknown to her: my sister’s boudoir and her lingerie drawers revealing its secrets just for me. I was so very careful, fearing discovery.

I know this introduction to a boudoir dressing service will be familiar to many of you but amazingly this desire left me for a few years whilst I was in my late teens and twenties. Then out of the blue, my former passion returned like a thunderbolt in my early thirties. Not only had the desire returned but the feeling was now so much more intense.

Boudoir Dressing Service

Boudoir Dressing Service

Over the many years that followed I spent a large amount of money at various boudoir dressing services trying to find the right look. Most of the boudoir dressing services have been helpful. But I have found it a steep learning curve and I have really struggled to achieve the look and standard I set for myself. We all have slightly different aspirations in terms of what we are trying to achieve but like many of us girls my objective is simple: to pass or at least to be accepted as a woman in public.

I do have my little fantasies and clothes I like to wear behind the closed doors of my personal boudoir dressing service. However, my ambition has always been to go out into the world and be seen as a woman. This would be the greatest thrill of all! I was always critical of my look and annoyingly spent ages in the privacy of my boudoir dressing service deliberating over ridiculously small detail. I was becoming increasingly frustrated and I was not achieving the desired look or standard to enable me to go out with any sort of confidence. This must be a familiar feeling to many. I knew the look that I was trying to achieve but I did not have the expertise to carry it off – at least by myself and left to my own less than expert devices in the private loneliness of my boudoir dressing service.

I had not been to a boudoir dressing service for a long time and I thought I would look around and find something new and I found the Crossdressing Service. While I was browsing the internet I found them and began to read many of the reviews on their website. The service sounded amazing. But would JJ really be able to help? Could I believe the stories told by those who had visited her boudoir dressing service? It seemed almost too good to be true. Yet there was something which drew me on towards her. Something almost intangible which convinced me that her boudoir dressing service was going to be the answer to my dreams.

I nervously contacted her boudoir dressing service direct through the website and I simply told her what I wanted to achieve. I also amazed myself by telling her that I wanted to go out! JJ replied and suggested that we should speak. She came across as a very caring person on the phone who wanted to help me with my boudoir dressing service goals. JJ also said that for an outing the theatre would be a good place to start and I subsequently arranged tickets for the date we had agreed. At this point I had not met JJ and arranging the process was very easy. However the mixture of excitement and trepidation built as the date for my first visit to her boudoir dressing service got nearer.

On the day of my visit I was a nervous wreck and turned up at the door of JJ’s boudoir dressing service with a mountain of my own clothes. However JJ quickly assessed my nervous state of panic and very quickly put me at ease!! Being in a senior position at work I am normally used to taking charge of situations. But she politely told me that all I had to do was relax, let go of my fears and let her take charge: a massive relief, I have to say. Her boudoir dressing service apartment is so luxurious, incredibly clean and well provided with many feminine touches. The atmosphere and ambience of her boudoir dressing service is wonderfully relaxing. After providing refreshments and discussing how the day would proceed, she provided me with an attractive bra, panties, chemise and gown. The excitement was growing.

Fiona at Boudoir Dressing service

Fiona at Boudoir Dressing service

The make-up chair is so comfortable and the background music helps you to relax. What followed was amazing. The full boudoir dressing service treatment: false nails, soothing creams, face mask. I was in absolute heaven. Following this a make-up session by an absolute master of her craft. JJ selected a light coloured wig that was quite different to my normal style and the final image was beyond my wildest dreams. I felt fabulously feminine and so alive – JJ had elevated my look to a completely new level.

The trip to the theatre followed and as a first timer this still had me in a dither. Bad weather and heavy traffic increased my anxiety but once again I shouldn’t have worried – JJ took full charge and all I had to do was follow her lead. The feeling of being in the theatre fully dressed was the best feeling in the world. This was my boudoir dressing service dream. For me this is what it is all about. Nobody bothered us and this was Fiona’s little slice of heaven. I was so disappointed to have to go back to the boudoir dressing service apartment and change. The next day I couldn’t stop dreaming about my fantastic experiences. I vowed to return to JJ’s boudoir dressing service as soon as I could.

Four months later I arranged to do the same but I had booked additional time as I had enjoyed the preparations so much the first time around. On this visit JJ explained that she had been working very hard on her boudoir dressing service photography and as we had some extra time she wanted to try some poses with me. She told me that she had some exquisite boudoir dressing service lingerie for me to wear and that we would do the photography after my make-up.

Once again the boudoir dressing service preparations were exhilarating and she then provided me with an absolutely gorgeous bra, white hold ups, pretty chemise and gown and asked me to put them on. How could I refuse!! The photos were taken with props and the attention to detail was immense. I was reclining against the most feminine boudoir dressing service pink and white satins. JJ’s imagination and vision once again surfaced and it was a privilege to be the model. Fiona’s second visit to the theatre was even better and my confidence was so much higher. JJ has given me so much advice and help that I now have an inner strength and determination to keep improving my look and to get so much more out of my boudoir dressing service time as Fiona.

As I have got to know JJ I have come to realise that she doesn’t stand still and even though her make-up boudoir dressing service skills are in my opinion second to none she is constantly looking for ways to improve. I have learnt so much from JJ; and I know that, with her boudoir dressing service guidance, I shall continue to learn.

Most importantly I have finally found someone who cares.

Thank you, JJ.

Fiona xx