About Us

Welcome to my crossdressing service, a discreet dressing service on a one-to-one basis, for transformations from male to female, based in Cheshire in the UK. My name is JJ: my portrait is here, the image just below. I have personally assisted over the years through my crossdressing service hundreds of ladies just like you at those critical moments of discovery and rediscovery of their feminine selves. I understand your joys and anxieties, your fantasies and your fears. I see so clearly the femininity within you so desperate to emerge.

My luxuriously appointed and private crossdressing service house is so feminine in every way, a reflection of my own femininity. Here you will learn to see yourself, perhaps for the first time, as the beautiful woman you really are. There are so many ways of thinking about yourself. Each vision may capture part of the wonderful person you really are. For that is what all my girls are: wonderful, gorgeous people. Of course, I do understand that you may be nervous and worry about privacy and security but let me reassure you will be safe and secure, leaving exactly as you entered with all traces of make-up removed.

Crossdressing beautiful

Crossdressing beautiful, the perfect pink lips and nails for any crossdresser.

Moments of doubt and guilt may surface but will dissipate extremely quickly once you walk through my door for my crossdressing service you will find that there is no place for anything but the pure joy of your essential femininity. And your magical time with my crossdressing service will sustain you long after you have departed. “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Shakespeare knew a thing or two and, of course, crossdressing was an essential part of the theatre of his day. You may think of yourself as a crossdresser, transvestite, transgender, transsexual, CD, TV, TS, T-girl. But, whatever name you may use, it is the person within you that is of the utmost importance to me.

Over my many years of experience, I have always understood that to revel in a marvellous crossdressing service transformation the beautiful rose within you needs far more than a simple, hurried and perhaps disappointing ‘make-over’. You will need a guiding hand: a teacher, mentor, a true friend to take you by the hand and lead you with my crossdressing service towards the utter joys of your feminine self. To become the person you are, the fabulous woman within you and with my help and guidance this is possible.

I am sure that you remember so clearly the first time you dressed in those stolen moments. Your emotions on a razor’s edge. A mixture of the keenest anticipation with a certain anxiety. Would you be discovered as you began to fulfil your secret passion? But deep within you, a yearning almost unbearable in its intensity arose. Capturing every thought, dissuading your male persona, yielding to your feminine, wanting more as you understand your need for a special crossdressing service.

I Know You Want To Be Dressed In Female Clothes

Of Course You Do

Those moments and feelings are now with you for the rest of your life: you know they cannot be denied, and there is no reason to deny them. Helping to define the person you are deep within, as you begin to understand your inner true beauty. My crossdressing service will help you to reveal that beauty to you. You will find within my crossdressing service apartment so much happiness, so much choice and fabulous clothing: the finest, most delicate satin, lace and silk lingerie; bras and panties; hosiery: sheer stockings and suspenders, pantyhose, tights; top quality corsets to give you that to-die-for hourglass silhouette; breast forms to accentuate your feminine shape; wigs, dresses and high-heeled shoes galore.

Each crossdressing service girl has her own style and I shall help you to find what suits you best. We shall chat about the latest fashions, about clothes and accessories, about make-up and lingerie. You will feel as so many others have done in my apartment, that you are in crossdressing service heaven. My crossdressing service apartment is located in Cheshire, close to major motorways and to international airports, and with easy rail links to Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, London and beyond. When you book you will receive full details of how to find me. When you arrive, parking in a private car park or taking the short walk from the nearby mainline station, you will be admitted to my private apartment, with its own camera and intercom system.

I shall greet you and first we shall talk, for my crossdressing service is private and personal to you as an individual. I will need to get to know you as I feel it’s important to gel and build a rapport with all my clients. While drinking a cup of tea or coffee, we shall chat about you, your journey, your style and your needs. You will then slip into lingerie which I shall lay out just for you; and then you will begin your professional make-over: and I use only the very best, top quality make-up products. I love explaining each step of your crossdressing service transformation from male to female, from man to woman. I create an atmosphere where your essential femininity will blossom.

Crossdresser Pink Dress

Crossdresser pink dress with amazing chiffon pleated skirt and sequinned bodice.

I take a great pride in achieving the very highest standards in my crossdressing service work, the incredible transformation of male to female. Second best is simply not an option. And, when I see you smiling back at yourself from my crossdressing service mirror, then and only then do I know I have done my job well. For some girls, time within my apartment will be enough for them to express their femininity to the full. But others may want more, to experience the tremendous thrill of an accompanied crossdressing service trip – shopping, to a restaurant or to the theatre – which I am happy to arrange should you wish.

Although I am not a professional photographer, I am always delighted to photograph my girls as they experience my crossdressing service. This photographic record is private and just for you. But some of my girls are so amazed by the beauty and femininity of their crossdressing service selves that they ask me to add their picture to my website; and here you will find many examples of my work in the gallery and testimonial sections. Take a look also at my YouTube crossdressing service videos and you will begin to understand not just the incredibly high standards to which I work but also the sheer fun and happiness I share with my girls.

I am also a professionally trained hypnotist and either with my MP3s or personal sessions I can help to build and reinforce your feminine self-image and self-confidence as a woman. Yes, you may be nervous about taking this step across the threshold of my crossdressing service. But you know that you must: it is now time to cast those fears and doubts to one side. Pick up that phone. Call me and book an appointment at my personal and totally discrete one-to-one crossdressing service: ready to begin your new life as one of my gorgeous girls.

When a girl makes an appointment at the crossdressing service, she may have a clear idea of the styles she would like to explore or she might want me to guide her towards a new image. As you look through the pages of this website, you will come to understand that there is no stereotypical crossdresser, just as there is no stereotypical woman. And so my crossdressing service caters for a wide range of styles. There are just so many ways of being feminine, of allowing the woman within you to emerge and flourish. But, like all delicate flowers, your essential femininity will need tender care and the right advice.

When you are told: ‘you look gorgeous’ – you feel will so good about yourself. When you are wearing something that looks stunning, wanting to be complimented is a totally natural reaction. Of course it is. Wanting to be admired is part of being feminine. However sometimes, like any woman, you will need to be told: ‘no, that simply does not look right on you.’ That too is perfectly normal. When you join me at my crossdressing service, I will guide you to what is right for you, for your complexion, for your figure, for your character.

I know that you will want to be as feminine as possible. My crossdressing service is there to help you achieve just that. There will still be so many choices for you to make. For the wonderful world of my crossdressing service has so much within: so many choices of lingerie, dresses, skirts, blouses, shoes … so many heavenly decisions for you to make. So what styles do you see yourself choosing during your time at my crossdressing service? And, of course, the longer your appointment, the more styles you may try. That sophisticated look, perhaps a little black dress, worn for a dinner party where you need to impress?