About JJ

Every crossdresser knows they need as helping hand to guide them on their feminising crossdressing service journeys. Crossdressing can be a lonely, solitary affair. Snatching moments of tranquil joy in a hectic masculine life. Living with guilt, forever anxious, and fearing judgement. Often bewildered by the twists and turns of the feminine world of makeup, lingerie, dresses … but wanting this exciting brave new crossdressing service world so very much. Needing a friend and mentor to show lead them through the complexities of this maze, until at last they reach the still, calm centre of their true being, able to express their essential femininity without anxiety, without fear. JJ has been that true crossdressing service friend and guide to so many crossdressers.

So what inspired JJ to reach out through her crossdressing service to T-girls? The answers perhaps lie in her childhood, an eight year old girl with a sense of purpose, a warm and generous nature eager to help others, and possibly a touch of mischief.

Picture this scene from her crossdressing service past: a favourite uncle stretched out, fast asleep on the lawn of her family home; a capacious handbag tempting her small hands with the treasures inside – lipstick, powder, eye shadow; and as her uncle slept on, little by little this early crossdressing service make-up was gently applied to his unsuspecting face; quietly singing to herself as she added the finishing touches. Sitting there now, smiling at her artistry, waiting for the moment of awakening, with an appreciative audience of her cousins now in ecstasies of anticipation. Followed by the inevitable mock, kindly fury as her uncle chased her round and round whilst her cousins whooped with joy.

Or another youthful crossdressing service time, and another place: a cousin with an action man, ready for war in dull green battledress. How unseemly, JJ thinks. Far better to cast aside that masculine garb and transform the doll into as close an approximation to little Miss Barbie as possible … how better to clothe an action man than in a subtle shade of delicate crossdressing service pink. That sense of fun, her characteristic joie de vivre very much lives on.

When the opportunity came to launch her own male to female crossdressing service transformation business, she did so with that same dedicated sense of purpose. But first she acquired the professional qualifications to ensure that her dressing service would be second to none, and for so many girls, head and shoulders above the competition. If you have visited a high street beauty salon, then you will know just how difficult it is to find first-class beauticians, fully trained, able to achieve those outstanding results that every woman demands, but so often does not receive. JJ does not allow her crossdressing service standards to fall below the exceptional. Crossdressing makeup requires an expertise par excellence. And the very best products.

She also knew that crossdressing goes far beyond external impressions. What lies within is probably far more important. That inner crossdressing service confidence needs building. Part of her magic came through in the ultra-feminine design of her crossdressing service apartment. Making a girl feel at home as soon as she crosses JJ’s threshold. But, always a perfectionist, JJ decided to train as a clinical hypnotherapist. Helping to bring that still feminine centre into the heart of every girl who hears the calmness of and gentle encouragement in her voice.

But JJ understood that crossdressing service clothes help to make a woman. And so she began to assemble a stunning wardrobe. Lingerie to die for. Corsets. Satin blouses. Dresses … short, long and in-between. Stockings and suspenders, hold-ups and tights. Killer heels. Frills and crossdressing service thrills aplenty.

And as her business grew, she resisted the temptation to cut corners. Always that personal crossdressing service one-to-one attention to detail which makes all the difference.

When you read one of the many testimonials from grateful girls, that first moment when they first meet JJ shines through. What attracts so many crossdressers is the dream of femininity. And JJ brings her own feminine style to her work. From her impeccable clothes sense. Her immaculately applied makeup and fabulous hair. To the welcome smile. With glistening, listening eyes she sees right into the heart of every crossdressing service girl, and helps them make their dreams come true.