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Just a quick update on what happening at Crossdressing Service.  Some of you may be aware that JJ has retired and handed to business over to myself Kristina and Victoria who will be running it from now on.  The website will be slowly updated to reflect this so please do bear with us while we work through this.
We are now in a process of change which will take a little while and there are some exciting changes and updates coming please keep an eye here for details.
If you wish to contact us Victoria number is on the main header and she will be happy to take your call between 9.30m and 5.30pm weekdays.  My number is 07738223446 and I will be happy to take your call between 7.30am and 9.30am weekdays.  If you call outside these times please just leave a message and we will get right back to you.
There is a new email address which is [email protected]
While we are in the process of change and moving from Cheshire to Huddersfield we will not be takin bookings.  We expect to be up and running between mid January and mid March 2019 depending on how long everything takes to sort out but rest assured all updates will be posted here.
With the process of change comes opportunity and what we offer is all about you lovely ladies so we would really welcome and invite your feedback on what you would like in the future.   Now is the time ladies, speak up and voice anything you feel may be of value to you and we will take all your comments on board while restructuring.  So don’t be shy speak up, we can only give you what you ask for.
Updates will follow here and you will be kept fully informed of the progress, we are as keen as you get ready to welcome you to our new premises and share with you all our wonderful and exciting ideas we have for events in the future.
We look forward very much to hearing from you and meeting you.
Much love Victoria and Kristina


Welcome to my crossdressing service, a discreet dressing service on a one-to-one basis, for transformations from male to female, based in Huddersfield in the UK.  We have personally assisted over the years through our crossdressing service hundreds of ladies just like you at those critical moments of discovery and rediscovery of their feminine selves. I understand your joys and anxieties, your fantasies and your fears. I see so clearly the femininity within you so desperate to emerge.

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Dressing Services

Ultra-feminine, totally discrete and professional dressing services offers you a wide range of choices, to help you make the most of your perfect feminine self.


Ultra-feminine, totally discrete and professional dressing services offers you a wide range of choices, to help you make the most of your perfect feminine self.

Dressing Advice

Ultra-feminine, totally discrete and professional dressing services offers you a wide range of choices, to help you make the most of your perfect feminine self.


Wardrobe & Accessories

Skirts, silky blouses, dresses, evening and cocktail dresses. Sexy outfits and costumes. Silky slips, satin panties and bras. Lingerie and hosiery, tights, hold ups and stockings, nylons and suspender belts. Petticoats, ruffles and lots of frilly things.

Makeup & Wigs

Makeup professionally applied as I am a beauty therapist to enhance your best features. Dozens of wigs in most color, different lengths and styles.

High Heels

Sexy shoes, high heel court shoes & stilettos,

Fingernails & Lashes

False eyelashes, press-on nails or glue on & a large selection of nail polish.

Body Shaping & Contouring

Silicone breasts in cup sizes; C & D, E and F. Fabulous breast plates that make your cleavage look amazingly real.Corsets by ‘Vollers’ and ‘What Katie Did’ , foundation-wear & girdles.

Mannerisms, Voice & Posture Training

You do want to walk and talk like a female, well this all takes practice to build your confidence and embrace your cross-dressing desires. Express your real inner woman that’s been hidden away for so long.

Crossdressing Service Girls

Meet some of our wonderful Crossdressing Service Girls who are aged between 18 and 84 years old and come from all walks of life, here you see a small sample of the wonderful trans people that have visited us over the years. Please be sure to take a good look around the whole of the website and see lots more photographs with many surprising and interesting stories that our crossdressing service girls have to tell.

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I Know You Want To Be Dressed In Female Clothes

Of Course You Do

More About Victoria and Kristina

Every crossdresser knows they need as helping hand to guide them on their feminising crossdressing service journeys. Crossdressing can be a lonely, solitary affair. Snatching moments of tranquil joy in a hectic masculine life. Living with guilt, forever anxious, and fearing judgement. Often bewildered by the twists and turns of the feminine world of makeup, lingerie, dresses … but wanting this exciting brave new crossdressing service world so very much. Needing a friend and mentor to show lead them through the complexities of this maze, until at last they reach the still, calm centre of their true being, able to express their essential femininity without anxiety, without fear. We are that true crossdressing service friend and guide to so many crossdressers.