Offering three levels of my crossdressing service: bronze, silver and gold packages. All costings and prices for these services follow, on a one to one basis. Whichever one you choose, you will receive the same close attention to detail which is the hallmark of my ultra-feminine, personal and totally discrete service. When you arrive, I shall serve you refreshments and we shall talk about what you would like to achieve during your time with me. Then step-by-wonderful-step I shall lead on a journey of discovery as together we reveal your essential feminine self: the woman within you. This is an experience full of womanly delights, which includes:

Crossdressing Prices

Crossdressing Prices

Lingerie selected especially for you. Only the finest satins, silks and lace are good enough for my girls. Corsets and breast forms to accentuate your feminine figure.

  1. Professionally applied make-up, helping to bring out your essential femininity.
  2. Nails filed and polished, toes as well as hands if required.
  3. A choice from a wide range of wigs or your own hair styled.
  4. High-heeled and kitten-heeled shoes.
  5. Access to my extensive and packed wardrobes with all sizes available: day dresses, skirts and blouses, evening gowns, wedding dresses; you may even choose sissy maid’s uniform or achieve with a change of mood the tarty look so many desire.

At each level, I shall record your male to female transformation in a series of photographs, available by email or put onto a USB stick for a modest additional charge. I am not a professional photographer, but you may decide for yourself about my photographic skills by looking at the many portraits of my girls on this website taken by me.

Bronze Package – 2 Hours: £150


Bronze crossdressing

How can you resist this introduction to my crossdressing service? For two fabulous hours you will be spoiled and pampered, with lots of tips and advice on the way. Even though you may be limited in the number of outfits which you might be able to try on, the girl within you will love every moment of your crossdressing experience. Will you be the blushing bride or the secretary in those killer heels or the girl on the way to the prom? So many fabulous choices. At this level you will receive as part of the package one digitally enhanced photograph, as well as the offer of 40 to 50 more photographs taken throughout the bronze session with me.

 Silver Package – 3 Hours: £225


Silver Crossdressing

This level of my crossdressing service allows you to spend time exploring my wardrobes and trying more styles: perhaps a sumptuous ball gown followed by a satin skirt and blouse or by a sophisticated day dress and hat for a day at the races. Who knows what you will choose from the incredible variety within my wardrobes? For three fantastic hours I shall show you just how feminine you can be. And every minute will be so very special. At this level you will receive as part of the package two digitally enhanced photographs, as well as the offer of 40 to 50 more photographs taken throughout the silver session with me.

Gold Package – 4 Hours: £300


Gold Crossdressing

Four hours of pure bliss as you try outfit after outfit, style after style. Discovering with joy the many ways in which you may express the feminine you. You will have the time and leisure to be a beautiful, radiant bride and then slip into the seductive skirt and blouse of a siren. Then you may want to experience the frills and frivolity of a sissy maid. Or see yourself as Miss Efficiency, the perfect PA. So many choices. At this level you will receive as part of the package three digitally enhanced photographs, as well as the offer of 50 to 60 more photographs taken throughout the gold session with me.

Feminising Hypnosis – £70 for a 40-minute session

I am a professionally trained hypnotist who specializes in building the self-confidence of those seeking to express their feminine selves. Under the influence of my hypnotic skills you will develop and reinforce the femininity within you and you will learn how you may more effectively think like a woman, act like a woman and feel like a woman. You will find it easier to set on one side those negative thoughts which may have haunted you for so long. Under hypnosis you cannot do anything against your will, but you will come to celebrate the essential femininity within you far more.