Many crossdressers repress their femininity, pushing this deep within themselves, only being revealed in fleeting stolen moments of privacy and secrecy. Their crossdressing lives may be solitary, lonely. But when they meet JJ, they are eager to tell their stories not just to her, but through her to others as their personal crossdressing testimonials. These provide a marvelous reminder that you are not alone in your endeavour to become your perfect feminine self.

Solitude is perhaps the greatest enemy as well as an immense sadness for all crossdressers. In these crossdressing testimonials you will read about girls wanting to express their essential femininity. Needing to talk about their needs and desires. About clothes and make-up. Wanting to wear pretty lingerie. Delicate satins and silks and so much more. Yet not being able to share their natural feminine selves with others. In finding JJ, they have discovered someone who really does care, someone who understands them totally.

Crossdressing Testimonials

Crossdressing Testimonials

Someone to whom they can talk openly without fear of judgement. And most importantly someone, as so many of the crossdressing testimonials make clear, who can help them achieve the femininity for themselves they have desired for so long. The crossdressing testimonials you will find here are not simply full of praise for JJ’s remarkable skills, for her facility to build self-confidence and to push negativity aside, and for her incredible capacity to reveal and energise the femininity within those who visit her crossdressing service.

They can be and usually are far more than simple tributes: these crossdressing testimonials come straight from the heart and many will take you back in time to where it all started for them. No doubt in these crossdressing testimonials you will see similarities within your own story, perhaps going back to your own childhood or adolescence, where it began for you.

But please know this, you are not alone: many like you have travelled to JJ’s crossdressing service door and doubtless there will be many more to follow with their own crossdressing testimonials and stories. The crossdressing testimonials written by JJ’s wonderful, gorgeous girls are also very human stories: of struggles with guilt and shame and of redemption; of wonderful acts of sympathy in their journeys; of rejection; of self-awareness.

Some crossdressing testimonials will talk of the kindness of friends and strangers; of anxiety; of hilarious confusion, blond moments and times of poignancy. of ordinary people with a deep and urgent need to express their femininity; of the development of their bond with JJ. Their stories, their crossdressing testimonials are about the women within us all. Dressing Testimonials