As I look at these fascinating crossdressing community photographs, the words of a familiar song rush through my thoughts: “What a difference a day makes.” Or, in this case what a difference a short time with JJ makes. Amy, erstwhile member of TVchix, has been incredibly brave in allowing our fabulous crossdressing community to see not just the wonderful pictures taken by JJ on a recent visit but also her personal snapshots, taken at home –just as so many crossdressers do, never intended for public viewing, as she tries out different crossdressing community looks and styles.

Crossdressing Community

Amy is part of the crossdressing community.

As we look at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs, we may see not only that all-important feminine look which JJ brings to her crossdressing community girls, we may also see so many of the mistakes every T-girl makes or in fact every girl makes on her road to womanhood when left to her own devices and desires. Amy: you aren’t the first and you certainly won’t be the last! And thank you so much for allowing the girls in the crossdressing community to see exactly why JJ is so important in their lives. Amy gave her permission and sent us her before photographs so everyone can learn.

As a girl grows from her pre-adolescence into mature womanhood, long experience informed by trial and error and rather more than a little help from her friends helps to show her the way ahead: mother, grandma, aunts, girlfriends act as her mentors and guides through the challenges of lingerie, make-up, accessories, jewellery, handbags, dresses, tops and skirts.

Amy Cross Dresser

Amy Cross Dresser

Finding out how to dress and present yourself as a woman is something every girl has to learn. And every girl makes mistakes, not just those in the crossdressing community: some may be almost undetectable, but others so very noticeable – and with time and patience, avoidable. But with every mistake, she understands just a little more about what it is to be feminine. As the proverb reminds us, you learn far more from your failures than your successes. By seeking and blundering we learn, says Goethe! You can’t get more erudite than that.

For girls in the crossdressing community, often trying to snatch those precious few moments amongst the pressures of everyday life, it is all the more difficult (and at times seems impossible) to build the feminine knowledge and skills needed. And for crossdressing community girls it takes so much longer.

Crossdresser Amy

Crossdresser Amy

When I was younger, I remember playing a puzzle game: two pictures side by side, and you were asked to spot the differences. Here we can see so many differences, some minor and others more telling. When you look in the mirror you see one version of yourself, but under the harsh glare of a flash camera, another perhaps less flattering version appears. Not precisely how you want to be seen by the crossdressing community!

It is not only about avoiding the once ubiquitous ‘red-eye’, which digital technology now counters with reasonable effectiveness. But all those flaws in your crossdressing community make-up now take centre stage. And any careless inattention to your clothing will now be accentuated; and why on earth didn’t you tidy away those bits and pieces in the background, now a constant reminder of any slapdash habits which lurk deep within you. Thank goodness for the delete function, you might say. But keeping at least some of these less-than-memorable photographs can and does help as a clear prompt to the girl with in you: this is how ‘not to look’ as feminine as possible, we know you have tried hard but everyone needs a little help and JJ is here to help you. You want to be as feminine a member of the crossdressing community as possible: and this is something you have to work at.

Crossdressing Service Amy is wearing a black bra trimmed with white lace

Crossdressing Service Amy is wearing a black bra trimmed with white lace plus a ‘What Katie Did’ under bust satin corset. An organza robe finishes the outfit.

When JJ takes a crossdressing community girl in hand, she does not rely on some strange magic to bring out the inner woman. Her long and fantastic experience has taught her the essential skills of the professional make-up artist. And with every visit little-by-little that crossdressing community experience is passed to you. Just as a girl might need years to build her expertise, you will soon come to understand that although she is able to create that ultra-feminine appearance, you will not be able to replicate it with just a single lesson or visit. Which is one of the reasons why so many crossdressing community girls return again and again to see JJ.

But now, girls, you have yet another reason to visit JJ: don’t you just dream of seeing yourself as you want others to see you? No subterfuge at work with JJ’s photography: just her artistry in open view. As many recent testimonials from so many in the crossdressing community declare: JJ has developed superb photographic skills as she acquires ever more knowledge and sincerely wants to bring out that very beautiful girl within you. So don’t be shy. This is the safe way to let your femininity flourish and experience the frisson of fabulous boudoir crossdressing community photography.

Tvchix Amy

Tvchix Amy

Of course there is so much more for the woman within you: from the moment you first speak to JJ to each wistful goodbye at the end of another crossdressing community makeover, you will have no regrets, and your fears and anxieties will begin to subside as JJ takes your hand and helps you to discover the girl you really are: you will be a shining light, a star in our wonderful crossdressing community.
Charlotte xx