Cross Dressing Manicure

For many girls their first encounter with a cross dressing manicure and painted nails is their first visit to JJ. That wonderful professional beauty salon treatment for which she is justifiably renowned can include the fabulously feminine finishing touches she puts to your hands and nails. What could be more pleasing to the feminine eye that those bright red nails or pink polish flashes of colour bringing your cross dressing manicure hands to life?

Some of us have tried to do this ourselves: that lustrous paint always moving exactly where we do not want it to go. Your amateur cross dressing manicure can go disastrously wrong. Takes you back to art classes in junior schools! Most of my girlfriends who are reasonably accomplished in this art tell me that it can take years of practice to get it right. Of course, stick-on nails (try Boots!) do give you instant effects, but when applied in our lonely bedrooms do tend to lack the thrill of a personal cross dressing manicure.

Cross Dressing Manicure

A cross dressing manicure makes all the difference to beautiful nails.

However, as we walk down the high streets we are overwhelmed with the number of nail bars and salons offering an incredible range of cross dressing manicures and gorgeous colours. But, dear friends, proceed with caution. You will find that some nail bars are far from satisfactory. If you do not have a personal recommendation, check out the ratings and testimonials and, better still, sit down in a coffee shop and watch the traffic in and out.

Approaching someone you don’t know and asking them where they got their nails done is a risky business. A safer option is to ask the exquisitely made up girls behind the beauty counters in department stores. For many T-girls, any cross dressing manicure colour applied may have to be removed the same day: so the basic buff, file and polish may be all that’s needed. But there is nothing quite like a luxury cross dressing manicure with hand massage to restore flagging spirits. These can take up to an hour. Ordinary polish can take up to 20 minutes to dry properly. My favourite nail bar offers a coffee or even a Prosecco whilst waiting. So don’t rush this fantastic cross dressing manicure experience.

If you are able to keep the cross dressing manicure colour on your nails for longer than a day, then you must try Gel nails cross dressing manicures. These provide a glossy finish to die for … in really vibrant colours. They are strong and resist quite a bit of rough treatment: but you still need to be careful – girls, they are not armour plating. Do a little research first: exactly what type of gel is used? And then see what the web says about this. The gel is ‘cured’ under ultra-violet light, and is instantly dry. So no cross dressing manicure waiting time!

However, there is a snag which you need to bear in mind: although it is relatively easy to remove polish (again Boots provides a wide range of options), Gel is less straightforward. Even though there are products available over the counter, I always return to the nail bar for professional cross dressing manicure gel removal. For goodness sake, whatever you do, do NOT try to pick or pull Gel off: you will seriously damage your nails. And DO use cuticle oil to keep your nail beds in tiptop shape!

And the final piece of advice: however pretty your nails might be, hair on the knuckles and back of your hands will detract from the overall feminine impact: remove it girls!

As always, girls, don’t be shy: do ask JJ for her cross dressing manicure advice. I am sure that for those of your who have visited her, you will have looked with envious eyes at those fabulously manicured nails of hers. And, for those of you yet to visit JJ for your crossdressing experience par excellence, pluck up the courage and make that cross dressing manicure appointment: she will answer all the questions you have about your crossdressing and manicure needs.

Miss Kitty Noble x

Am I a Crossdresser or Transgender

So how did a girl like Charlotte become interested in the question: ‘am I a crossdresser or transgender?’

A few years ago (and don’t ask ‘how many’ ladies – a girl never reveals her age) when I was at school, I remember oh so well the admiring glances of a young man. We were both seventeen. Chris was kind of cute, but not exactly my type. Once I found that he was following me down the road and I just felt his eyes upon me. So I turned and asked him, ever so politely of course, why he was following me. His face became beetroot red and he became quite flustered. He stumbled out a few incoherent phrases; and saying that he wasn’t really following me (oh the put-down: so it wasn’t me who was being admired but my clothes!) but then he really confused me by saying he simply loved my clothes, my shoes and my bag. So I walked on leaving him to stew in his beetroot juices.

Am I a crossdresser or transgender

Am I a crossdresser or transgender? Chloe has asked herself this question many times before and is still unsure of the answer, one thing she does know is she ia trans fluid.

A couple of week later, I saw Chris in the public library – but he did not see me. Now this was in the days before the Internet and Wikipedia. Not so very long ago, of course. He was riveted on a book and reading it intensely. After a while he popped it back on the shelf and left. I went over and pulled the book down. It fell open at a page which astonished me. The chapter he had been reading was about transvestites. The penny, or rather a huge pile of pennies, dropped.

Today Chris would have probably been asking the question: am I a crossdresser or transgender? Or even trans fluid? But back then the only term we knew was transvestite. But it was very clear that this cute young man wanted to know the answer to that question: am I a crossdresser or transgender? So, on the spur of the moment I decided I was going to help him find out.

A few days later, without letting on that I had seen him at the library when he was pouring over his dilemma: am I a crossdresser or transgender, I asked him whether he would like to come round to my house: I said I had been thinking of what he had said to me and had a new dress and shoes about which I would like his opinion. His eyes almost popped out of his head. But I already knew that the allure of my ‘am I a crossdresser or transgender’ wardrobe had him hooked.

Seize the time was always my motto. And we marched off to my house: my parents were away and so I knew we had time and world enough to ourselves to resolve his question: am I a transvestite or in more modern terms in this universe of internet and Wikipedia am I a crossdresser or transgender? We were about to find out. I had ‘sized’ Chris up and knew that he would fit comfortably into my dresses..

Am I a crossdresser

Am I a crossdresser is another question that Chloe asks herself but all Chloe really wants to be is herself.

I installed him in the front room and slipped upstairs to put my party dress and new shoes on; and underneath my very best bra and panties. Tights with a subtle sheen. And then I went downstairs for his ‘am I a crossdresser or transgender’ fashion parade.

This time his eyes really did stand out on stalks: and I knew at once that his innermost question, ‘am I a crossdresser or transgender?’, was absolutely spot on. I did a few twirls and he told me that I looked amazing, which of course I did! I let him feel the silken fabric: he was on my hook and I was drawing him in carefully to his ‘am I a crossdresser or transgender?’ moment. He wasn’t going to wriggle free from Charlotte’s web, if you will forgive my mixed metaphors.

Then I popped the ‘am I a crossdresser or transgender’ question: would he like to try them on: just for fun of course. After a hesitation of microseconds, he said yes. So we went upstairs and, having changed into less appealing but still chic daytime wear, we started his am I a crossdresser or transgender transformation. I told him that without the proper lingerie the effect would not be right. So, once after a momentary embarrassment he undressed and, garment by garment, I helped to change him from male to female, from boy to girl. I even remembered my mother’s collection of wigs from way back when: the crowning glory to the am I a crossdresser or transgender ensemble.

His make-up may have been a little inexpertly applied, but then I never did have JJ’s skills in that department. Even so, Chris looked fabulous as we found the essential answer to his question: am I a crossdresser or transgender? He stood transfixed in front of the mirror, as so many of JJ’s girls have done, perhaps with that same question in mind: am I a crossdresser or transgender?

Am I transgender

Chloe is a young lady that does not really want a label, even though she may ask herself, am I transgender?

That was the first of many of his visits to my wardrobe: all very innocent stuff: girlfriends together, exploring and answering over and over again his question am I a crossdresser or transgender? Such fun!

Such wonderful ‘am I a crossdresser or transgender?’ fun. In fact, then as now the answer is simple: Chris was and is (I still keep in touch with her): she has stopped asking: am I a crossdresser or transgender? She is both a crossdresser and transgender. The label is unimportant for her. The feminine feelings inside are what count. So when the question is posed: ‘am I a crossdresser of transgender?’ she smiles sweetly and says: “C’est ma vie!”

So many girls get hung up on how to describe themselves, puzzled by such questions as am I a crossdresser or transgender? Certainly some terms do define a girl more often than not in fairly clear ways: she-males just love having real (if enhanced) boobs as well as their male bits and bobs; but transsexuals want to say a not so fond farewell to all that external baggage. But for transvestites, T-girls, transgender, crossdressers it’s a different story: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet.”

And, dear girlfriends, we are all like Juliet – the sweetest roses. So when that question comes to mine: am I a crossdresser or transgender? There is only one answer: you are what you are and who you are and how you live; and you should love every delicious ‘am I a crossdresser or transgender?’ moment. For as JJ says: you only live once.
Charlotte xx

To be a Crossdresser

It might seem odd to start off a piece on what is needed to be a crossdresser with a reference to John Bunyan’s famous hymn, but stayed tuned in and let me run with this. I remember standing in school morning assemblies singing, tunelessly in my case, “Who would true valour see … let him come hither ….. His first avowed intent … to be a pilgrim.”

I never saw myself as a pilgrim, nothing could daunt my spirit nor did I fear what men might say, as I began the long and winding road to be a crossdresser. And yes, at times, I was valiant for the truth of my own inner feminine self and wanted to allow it to emerge more openly, at least in private.

To be a Crossdresser

This is the very beautiful Rachel and she always wanted to be a crossdresser it just took years to pluck up the courage to visit a dressing service.

Those secret, stolen, oh-so-wonderful moments rummaging through my mother’s drawers and her dressing table. The beginnings of my own journey to be a crossdresser. Silks and satins, nylons and that most seductively appealing of garments – the brassiere, which in the 1960s, still had that lift and separate vintage magic.

I knew that to be a crossdresser I needed that little black dress and the fabulous heels slightly too large for my feet. Lipstick and powder. A faux pearl necklace and, since pierced ears had not yet become commonplace, clip on earrings from the musical jewelry box, fascinated by the ballerina who twirled around when I opened that enchanting lid, captivated as anyone desperately wanting to be a crossdresser would be by the wondrous sparkle of its contents.

I never felt ridiculous as a boy wanting to be a crossdresser: I was beautiful and just so intensely happy to be a girl for an hour or so. And now, so many years on, I am at my happiest when dressed. I am totally at one with my femininity.

My advice to any would be T-girl, as she learns how to be a crossdresser, depends in part on your age and what point you are in this exciting journey. For the younger T-girl, there is a new world to explore and in most Western countries, you may now boldly go where even in the recent past so many of us learning to be a crossdresser became inhibited. Sadly, there are still cultures where crossdressing is despised and feared. But little by little the transgender community is asserting its freedom.

Older crossdressers who have yet to venture into this brave and beautiful new world may still be reluctant to do so, still rummaging in drawers, perhaps now belonging to partners rather than their mothers and sisters. Needing a little – and perhaps more than a little – courage to make those purchases and even to dress fully behind closed doors. And so you may need a helping hand to be a crossdresser.

I am a Crossdresser

I am a crossdresser Rachel said proudly to herself and she saw her reflection looking back at her in the crossdressing service mirror.

Shopping is so important to all girls: and the Internet lacks the immediacy and frisson of touch. Feeling those garments in your hands, and perhaps even trying them on, is a fabulous feeling. Some stores, like Long Tall Sally, welcome those wishing to be a crossdresser – however you arrive, en femme or in male attire – and will typically ask if you wish to try on your choices of clothes and (should you need them larger size) shoes; but they do not stock lingerie and so you will have to look elsewhere. Marks and Spencer’s is a similarly welcoming place for T-girls aiming for class in their goal to be a crossdresser, but to gain admission to those ladies changing rooms, you will have to be dressed for the occasion! If you have a few extra pounds in your pocket, then it is easy to arrange a fitting appointment at one of the many Rigby and Peller boutiques across the country: and their lingerie is truly delicious. This is my opinion, but you should avoid specialist crossdressing shops which too often sells less then top-notch products. But that is where online companies like Geraldine’s Hour Glass Figure UK (especially for breast forms) and What Katie Did (for that vintage feel) come in for those wishing to be a crossdresser. But girls, you do need good advice: so don’t be shy – just ask JJ.

For all ages, privacy and discretion may still be absolutely essential; and finding that private space to be a crossdresser is not easy.

For most T-girls, wanting to learn how to be a crossdresser and to bring out their inner femininity, the Internet is often the first port of call. And there the trouble can begin. How do you know that those testimonials are true to experience? How do you know that the dressing service will be sympathetic? How do you know that you are dealing with a completely professional service? To a certain extent your women’s intuition (and yes, you do have this) should not be ignored. Do you feel that all-important emergent connection? Are you going to be treated as an individual – we are all so different in our aspirations to be a crossdresser?

So back to valour and courage: at some point you know you must make the next step. Don’t be daunted. And if you want to experience the very best in your determination to be a crossdresser, then there is only one answer: JJ. So your one avowed intent: if you wish to be a crossdresser and rejoice in the experience, I do hope that you will trust me, call her and make that appointment.

Crossdressing Christmas Make-Up

Time to make that Christmas list and send it to Santa! It’s the season to be as merry and pretty as you please with sparkling crossdressing Christmas make-up. We girls like to feel absolutely fabulous and Christmas is an ideal time to treat ourselves.

Essentials first to get ready for your crossdressing Christmas make-up. Exfoliator; moisturiser; a little smoothing out over those troublesome pores and wrinkles; perhaps a touch of redness corrector to disguise those troublesome chin and moustache areas; perhaps a little concealer under the eyes; then that all-important crossdressing Christmas make-up foundation. And you know how highly JJ rates Dermablend products.

Nothing is better than having the perfect crossdressing christmas with red lips

Nothing is better than having the perfect crossdressing christmas with red lips, glitter and gloss.

But now let’s get down to serious crossdressing Christmas make-up to brighten up that pretty face of yours. But let’s think sophistication here. We are not going for a brash and tarty look. Think Ritz and Harvey Nicks. Not the local pub after too many G and Ts. 

So here are my five tips for the festive season. But you may well need help. You may not be able to do this on your own. Every girl deserves a treat or two, and a visit to JJ may well be called for. Blusher – not too much girls, we don’t want to look like Rudolph in all the wrong places – sparingly along that cheekbone, just accentuating its line. The darker your skin, the bolder the blusher is a simple rule of crossdressing Christmas make-up thumb.

Christmas Make-up

Perfect Christmas Make-up to make you feel like the ultimate seasonal princess.

Eyelashes – the choices now are wonderful: I go for semi-permanent extensions, fixed in place individually: you can be as bold and flirty as you like, but if you need to be cautious about your appearance then go for natural eyelash extensions. Strip eyelashes are a fabulous temporary fix, and if you want that dramatic crossdressing Christmas make-up party look, then these will do the trick. And mascara of course to add even more drama.

Your eyebrows too might need a little crossdressing Christmas make-up attention. Perhaps a trim if you are on the bushy side. Threading helps to remove those stray hairs and emphasize your femininity. Waxing does define the shape effectively. But for goodness sake, don’t hack yourself about with scissors and razors. Professional skill is needed.

Crossdressing Christmas Make-up

Crossdressing Christmas make-up combines fun with the ultimate colours of the season all ready for that Christmas parade.

Crossdressing Christmas make-up for your eyes is another absolute must have. Eyeliner and eye shadow will bring those lovely peepers to life. But don’t overdo it girls: we are not competing with Blackpool illuminations.

Lipstick with a gloss to put a crossdressing Christmas make-up shine to your smile, of course. Using lip liner first helps to define the shape as well as provide a fantastic base.

Now all of this takes practice. You cannot just slap crossdressing Christmas make-up on and expect to look elegant. Professional guidance will help. More and more spas are offering make-up and they don’t turn a hair when their clients are crossdressers. But none are likely to have quite the panache of JJ or her fantastic artistry. And her ability to bring out that inner woman so vibrantly. By Miss Kitty x

Transgender Girls

Sitting in taxis over the years, far too often I have heard some terrible prejudice prefaced with the words “I’m not racist, but …. ” – and then the deluge begins. Offensive and revealing far more about the Neanderthal brains of the drivers than one cares to learn. Sadly, such depressing outrages are not confined to London cabs. Donald Trump came close during his presidential campaign with his pathetic ‘some of my best friends are Muslims.’

An article about transgender girls published a few weeks ago in The Sunday Times, began with the denial “I’m not transphobic or anti-trans …. ” – and so we knew what was likely to follow.  The writer, Dame Jenni Murray of the BBC’s Woman’s Hour, even added her own Trumpism when she spoke almost fondly of individual transgender girls as if they were her closest friends. Of course she is not as acerbic as Germaine Greer. But then, who is? Jenni Murray in her article embraces those transgender girls who confess that they may not be real women and is more than a touch contemptuous of those transgender girls whose thinking is not focused upon a feminist agenda.

Now Jenni Murray is a clever lady. I met her once in circumstances which I shall not bore you with. She struck me as being concerned only with those who she regarded as ‘important’ – or fodder for her journalistic appetites. At the time I was neither, so I was dismissed with barely a flutter of her eyelashes – no mascara evident of course in her unforgiving feminist world. And certainly no realization that she was speaking to one of many transgender girls. Not being Eddie Izzard or Grayson Perry can be a distinct disadvantage!

The article returns several times to variations on the obvious – truisms. A person born with a penis and testicles is genetically male. Someone who has lived as a man in what remains a predominantly masculine world will not have experienced personally the negative prejudices against women which pretty much every woman faces on a daily basis. And men do not comprehend the nuanced exchanges developed over the years within and across female society. These may be truisms, but they reveal little of the truth about transgender girls.

She fails fully to comprehend the essential truths of the world of transgender girls. The realization that one is different comes not in middle age but much, much earlier – typically just before or during adolescence. She does acknowledge that some boys feel out of place in their bodies – possessing the mind of one sex, and the body of another, but she denies that such feelings are backed by any credible scientific evidence. So that is that then: end of story. In an area with little or no genuine scientific research, it is easy to pontificate. But there is still a desperate need to explain.

Bruce Jenner was in a very important sense Caitlyn a long, long time before she made her irrevocable decision to turn her back on masculinity once and for all. Jenni Murray provides examples of the more mature transgender, berating them for thinking more about clothes than castigating themselves for the privileges they enjoyed as men, or praising them for their ‘ honesty’ when they say “Of course, I am not a real woman.”

She gives barely a column inch of her lengthy article to the confused, secretive crossdressers – transgender girls in their teens and twenties, so often plagued with doubts and misgivings, whilst trying desperately to be something they are not, trying to be what others regard as ‘normal’ – and failing.

Jenni Murray makes a schoolgirl error in failing to stress the fact that men too suffer from prejudice in their everyday lives – even though she does mention the unacceptability of the bullying and violence suffered by members of the LGBT community. Although pretty much all transgender girls may not have experienced the daily put-downs suffered by so many women, they will have been subject to all sorts of other nasty-minded prejudices aimed at transgender girls. Because they are different, they find it hard to hide that difference. So no matter how they hard they try to be ‘normal’, it is more than likely that they will suffer insults or put-downs of one kind or another – and they do suffer for their femininity as one of many transgender girls.

She was quite rightly taken to task for her views by her employers at the BBC as well as by many media commentators. But so many of these criticisms missed the point. Jenni Murray’s mistake was not in rehearsing truisms about gender and thereby causing offence, but – perhaps through her confusion of transsexual with transgender and definitely through her highly selective and narrow evidence base, in failing to appreciate the sheer variety of transgender girls of all ages.

Five minutes with JJ might open her eyes not to truisms but to the truth about transgender girls. Now that is one interview on Woman’s Hour that I would like to hear.

By Miss Kitty Noble

Crossdressing Wedding Gown

You open your eyes you see in the full-length mirror someone you hardly recognise. In a gown flowing gracefully downwards. The essence of femininity. Pure perfection. Every cross dresser girl dreams of wearing a gorgeous bridal dress, that oh-so-beautiful crossdressing wedding gown. And now that incredible moment is yours.

There are just so many styles; so many ways of wearing the finest satin and silk and lace as you prepare for that wonderful day. And planning ahead is so very important. So here is a short guide to crossdressing wedding gown styles, so that when you make that thrilling visit to JJ’s dressing service for your bridal makeover you will understand her advice all the more.


There are four basic shapes for the sweep of the longer crossdressing wedding gowns: what might look best on you depends upon your body shape and the silhouette you wish to create. And then there is so much else to consider: the neckline, the lingerie underneath, the accessories. Such fantastic crossdressing wedding gown excitement!

The A-line crossdressing wedding gown often gives the impression of the capital letter A. This 1950s style dress, originating with the Dior fashion house, is typically fitted from the bust or waist to the hips and then flows gently downwards and outwards in straight lines, with the ‘top’ of the A round or above your waist. Sometimes the dress is designed to flare outwards from the bust, so that the top of the A is now much higher. This is a fabulously feminine crossdressing wedding gown style for most body shapes since with it’s naturally slimming design it can hide a multitude of sins as well as accentuating some of your better points.


The sheath crossdressing wedding gown can be unforgiving: the dress tends to follow – although not too tightly – the shape of your body as it falls straight downwards. It can look extremely elegant and sophisticated, on the right body. In silk or satin this can be so seductively sexy. But if you have the figure then this will help you to flaunt it.

The mermaid crossdressing wedding gown can look fabulous: on the right person. Fitted to the bust, waist, hips and thighs, this not only follows the contours of your body, it accentuates that feminine hourglass form. When the fabric reaches the knee, it flares outwards to the floor, creating the impression of a ‘tail’ for this mermaid. Of course it restricts your movement somewhat: but who cares when you look like a million dollars?

Crossdressing Wedding Flowers

Crossdressing Wedding Flowers

The design which so often comes to mind with bridal-wear is the ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Princess’ dress, for that classic crossdressing wedding gown style. This confection of lace and frothy feminine frills can be simply divine and works for pretty much every body size and shape. The dress is fitted to the waist, often with a corset bodice, but then flares out in an exploding extravaganza of sumptuous material. When you are wearing such a dress, there can be no doubt who is the centre of crossdressing wedding gown attention.

Getting the neckline right for your crossdressing wedding gown is also something which needs careful thought. Just a few tips here on four standard designs. V-necks can be revealing and draw attention to the neck and upper bust (décolletage), and can look great with an hourglass figures, but they can also make small busts in a crossdressing wedding gown seem even smaller.

Crossdressing Gown

Crossdressing Gown

The natural curves of the sweetheart neckline follow the contours of the upper bust, not quite as revealing as the V-neck, but showing just enough of your feminine charms to draw those eyes towards your crossdressing wedding gown. Strapless necklines, perhaps with a corset bodice, can look fabulous. But they can also be a crossdressing wedding gown disaster area for those very large busts. And they won’t do a thing for the flat chested amongst us.

A higher neckline, such as a bateau design, can be helpful for those who are less well-endowed or who rely on breast forms for their upper shape. Graceful and elegant. Perfect for that ultra-feminine crossdressing wedding gown. Accessories are critical. The simpler the dress, the more you can add with the right accessories. But not too many of course: you are not a Christmas tree! A low neckline just shouts out loudly for a fabulous necklace. Bare arms simply need that touch of bracelet magic. With a full and elaborate crossdressing wedding gown, less is definitely more, as you embellish with a modest touch here and there: a simple ring, a bracelet, a necklace, earrings, or even a delicate tiara – nothing overstated.

Crossdressing Wedding Shoes

Crossdressing Wedding Shoes

Unless you feel every inch a woman underneath that crossdressing wedding gown, then you will not have the confidence you will need to walk down that aisle! So your wedding lingerie plays a vital part. Just as much as your make-up and hair. Now is the time to indulge yourself in the most delicate undies: Janet Reger’s lingerie is heavenly.

So much choice, so many things for a girl to think about. And that is precisely where JJ comes in. She will guide you through this wondrous bridal cornucopia. She will lay out ready all you need to be that blushing, beautiful bride when you visit her at her crossdressing wedding gown service. Exquisite wedding lingerie and your very own bridal dress. As well as professionally applied make-up, just the right wig for the occasion, and those final touches with perfect accessories.

So when JJ asks you to open your eyes, heart beating fast, you will see in the full-length mirror a vision of loveliness which takes your breath away. Is that fabulous woman really you? Yes, of course. You are the beautiful bride in the most gorgeous crossdressing wedding gown.

Crossdressing Confidence

Most crossdressers keep their feminine lives hidden away. Although it is true that some have the crossdressing confidence to walk out and about fully dressed as a woman, very many more prefer a much more discreet approach. Some of course have come to a point where they have had the crossdressing confidence to approach JJ and ask her for help and guidance: not to ‘go public’, but to express their essential femininity rather more than they have been able to do so before.

A feminization website in the USA, has recently published data about the extent to which T-girls have the crossdressing confidence to leave the safety of their private crossdressing space dressed as women. The website owner Lucille Sorella says that 70% of T-girls dress only in the seclusion of their own homes or when in another totally safe place. So, if these figures are correct, this means that 30% have the crossdressing confidence to go out and about in public.

Crossdressing Confidence

Crossdressing Confidence

Of course, those responding to the questionnaire issued by this website may not be anything like a representative sample: there are just so many crossdressers who don’t have the crossdressing confidence to register even their femme names and email addresses with others. So many girls are full of doubt and guilt. They are hesitant about making contact with anyone let alone a feminization website.

So it is more than probable that there are even more T-girls who find those stolen moments of feminine comfort when they are alone and unsupported. It’s impossible to put numbers on this. Yes, there are girls filled to the brim with crossdressing confidence. Who are ready to boldly step out in their highest heels down streets where no T-girl has gone before! But they are probably the exception to the rule.

Many girls have plucked up the crossdressing confidence to wear panties and feminine lingerie under their male clothes: their secret girly passion hidden away. And as they walk in to work or down the high street, they can feel the fabulous totally private thrill of satin, silk and lace next to their skin giving them the crossdressing confidence they need. And for most that is probably as far as it goes.

Others may go a little further in their daily lives as they try to develop their crossdressing confidence. Perhaps that hint of perfume. Or women’s ankle boots instead of masculine shoes. Perhaps a woman’s shirt: oh … the fabulous sensations of satin and silk. Or women’s trousers, hugging those hips just a little more than usual. A bra may be a little risky, the outline being so easy to detect. But some T-girls are willing to take that risk just for that exquisite feeling of crossdressing confidence which comes when they are wearing that quintessentially feminine bra. Nothing too obvious: but helping you step out with a womanly swing rather than a manly stride.

Crossdressing confidence is the key to feeling feminine, to celebrating your feminine self, to releasing that woman within you. There is nothing wrong of course in needing to keep this part of your life private. But so many girls also have the need to share their passion for femininity with another, wanting desperately for that feeling of solitude to be diminished. And that is exactly why so many girls over the years have made that liberating decision to visit JJ.

To begin the journey to true femininity, free of needless anxiety and unnecessary guilt. Of course, most girls visiting JJ still keep their crossdressing lives to themselves (and JJ). But their crossdressing confidence develops in leaps and bounds as they see themselves ever more clearly as the women they really are.

So are you ready to take the next step in your journey to complete crossdressing confidence? When you telephone JJ, perhaps with your heart pounding away and your mouth a little dry, you will find, as so many have done before, those anxieties simply melting away. Within minutes of meeting her, you will begin to think that you have known her all your life, she understands you so well. And you will ask yourself why it has taken you so long to begin building your crossdressing confidence with her at your side.

Crossdressing Skirts

Little by little the crossdressing tide is turning. When the media published the news that David Beckham had worn a skirt (actually a sarong) in 1998 there was a definite touch of shock-horror. In 2013 train drivers in Sweden were annoyed when their bosses said they could not wear shorts at work and they started to wear skirts. The craze caught on in other countries and several male pupils turned up at school wearing crossdressing skirts.

But this was the stuff of protest. Not really any transgender statement about crossdressing skirts as such. Then early in 2016 a private school on the south coast of England, Brighton College became the first in England to allow boys to wear crossdressing skirts and blouses and girls to wear jackets and trousers, responding it was said to pressure from the school’s transgender society. Yet that particular school has always seemed to revel in the glamour of front page publicity: a triumph of image above substance? But now thankfully other schools including one in Australia, Newton Performing Arts High School are starting to follow suit, allowing boys to wear crossdressing skirts. And young people are beginning to refuse to answer in any straightforward way that question: male or female. Trans-fluid, transsexual, transgender.

Male or female, transgender or transsexual don't be afraid to wear crossdressing skirts.

Male or female, transgender or transsexual don’t be afraid to wear crossdressing skirts.

For so many, there is no easy answer when there is man on the outside and a woman within. When there is so much inner longing to wear those bras and panties and crossdressing skirts and dresses. Perhaps a genuine understanding of the anxieties and needs of crossdressers and transgender boys and girls everywhere is beginning to take a firmer hold. During the last few years, when newspapers run stories about transgender transitions and crossdressing skirts, they are far less likely to mock or to be judgemental. The transitions of celebrities have helped: Caitlyn (née Bruce) Jenner made an immense impact when she appeared on the front cover of Vogue looking fabulously feminine, wearing crossdressing skirts and dresses and lingerie to die for. And so has the publicity surrounding the film The Danish Girl starring Eddie Redmayne. And news about crossdressing skirts is less sensational.

Yet there are still countless crossdressers, snatching at opportunities in private. Wearing crossdressing skirts or dresses in public is the stuff of dreams. Watching women as they walk by so prettily, wanting to wear what they wear, wanting to be feel as feminine as they do: desperate to be a girl just like them.

For most young crossdressers, there is no understanding head teacher welcoming them in their crossdressing skirts into a transgender paradise. Just the conventions imposed upon them by a rigid society. All they have those stolen secret moments, wearing a bra or panties or satin nightgown. Borrowed from your mother or sister or aunt. Then the total joy of feeling that lingerie next to your skin; the sheer sensuality of feminine clothes and the gorgeous look of those crossdressing skirts in the mirror. But all the time the fear that the door might open and you will be discovered. Yet at the same time the hope that you might and all will be well. And then as the years pass by, those borrowed clothes and crossdressing skirts may belong to wife or girlfriend. Or be guilty purchases from high street stores, at Christmas or Valentine’s Day so that the suspicions of sales girls may not be aroused.

The stories told at the crossdressing service all have a familiar ring: of hope and sadness; of anxiety and need; of totally joyful moments and long waits until the next time.

So many crossdressing tales begin in childhood and the teenage years. If only there could be a complete end to the stereotyping which forces so many into false roles. Until then the crossdressing service is here to help. Pushing away anxieties and fears. No mockery; no judgement as you slip into that fantastic lingerie and your very own crossdressing skirts and satin blouses.

Just complete understanding as JJ brings to life that exquisitely feminine woman inside you. And she is here to let you choose just the right crossdressing skirts and dresses and lingerie and shoes and wigs … oh, the delicious list goes on and on. By Miss Kitty

Image of Cross Dressing

The public image of cross dressing is changing, and it’s progressive. We are heading in the right direction and many battles have been won, the war is not over. So the prospect for any cross dresser coming out of their lingerie drawer and establishing their own image of cross dressing is daunting to say the least.

Going into a department store, choosing a bra and panties, hoping they are the right size for their image of cross dressing, shyly moving towards the counter to pay, handing the garments to the assistant, praying that the transaction will go unnoticed: all of this can be a nerve-wracking experience for the new girl’s image of cross dressing. Is everyone looking at you? Are they thinking ‘I know what he is doing and he’s not shopping for his partner’ – are they sniggering with the wrong kind of image of cross dressing in their mind? And that lingerie shop where you know you will have to speak to the girl who is already heading towards you; fearing that someone you know will enter whilst you are explaining just what type of image of cross dressing you are looking for.

One of our many stunning girls Suzanne at the Crossdressing Service

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Suzanne at the dressings services.

‘What size is she?’ You are desperate to talk about your own image of cross dressing tell her that it is for you and you need to be measured properly but with crimson-faced embarrassment and grasping at straws and hoping for the best you mumble 38C. Hoping that it will fit your image of cross dressing. Or the Internet shopping packages which are supposed to arrive discretely at your office – you can’t risk your home address with this image of cross dressing: but you always worry that they might be opened inadvertently and your secret image of cross dressing revealed to all and sundry by gossipy colleagues. Panic, anxiety and fear become central to your cross-dressing life. So coming out of your lingerie drawer to establish your self-image of cross dressing is almost unthinkable for many.

Emily and Florence, played by David Walliams and Matt Lucas in the BBC show Little Britain, provide us with a parody of transvestite behaviour and in doing so show us how far we still have to go to win the war of acceptance for the image of cross dressing and transgender community. Dressed in the frilliest of clothes and sporting lace parasols they appear to confront prejudice regarding the image of cross dressing through comedy. Florence’s resplendent moustache adds a definite piquancy to Lucas’ transgender role. Their image of cross dressing is meant to be inauthentic because it is meant to be funny. There is little or no subtlety about these two ladies, with deliberate similarities to some drag queens who revel in the exaggeration of aspects of femininity. Attention-seeking as performance art. But none the worse for that. Yet not quite the image of cross dressing that we all seek for ourselves.

One of our younger girls at the Crossdressing Service

Dressing Service UK

This is stunning Rebecca at our dressing services UK boudoir.

Dustin Hoffman’s in Tootsie may have been a comedy role resenting another image of cross dressing, but it was also a sensitive portrayal of a woman. In an interview given in 2012, Hoffman described his reaction to being made up as a woman: “I was shocked that I wasn’t more attractive. I said, ‘Now you have me looking like a woman, now make me a beautiful woman.’ Because I thought I should be beautiful. … And they said to me, ‘That’s as good as it gets.'” Yet in the film two male characters fall for Hoffman’s character Dorothy Michaels, not stereotypically beautiful in the Miss America sense but nevertheless a most attractive image of cross dressing. Hoffman is a perfectionist in his acting but he had not fully understand that perfection may be achieved in many ways and that beauty comes in many guises. Those who saw Tootsie realised they were seeing an exemplary image of cross dressing but certainly not the only form of femininity.

The BBC Reith Lectures were first broadcast in 1948 with the celebrated philosopher Bertrand Russell delivering a typically eloquent talk on the nature of authority. Grayson Perry, winner of the prestigious Turner 2003 Art Prize, was introduced by Sue Lawley before giving the even more prestigious Reith Lectures in 2013, as being the first cross-dresser to deliver the lectures. Quick as a flash, he responded to laughter and applause: “As far as we know.” When Grayson was awarded the CBE at Buckingham Palace. He wore what he described as his ‘Italian mother-of-the-bride’ outfit. Glamorously presenting the image of cross dressing to royalty and certainly not outrageous, his dress was a gorgeous silk midnight-blue with a matching jacket, and was judged by a Palace spokesman as being entirely appropriate. Most commentators said that he looked terrific as Claire, his femme image of cross dressing alter ego. Attention-seeking in precisely the natural feminine way: wanting to look and feel fabulous. And presenting an image of cross dressing which demands admiration.

When a Bohemian and extremely talented artist demonstrates to the world that Claire is definitely not willing to remain hidden in the wardrobe and is determined to make public her image of cross dressing, emerging fully cross-dressed from her lingerie drawer, there is little shock at this image of cross dressing. The ‘eccentricity’ associated with the image of cross dressing is seen as complementing that of the artist who is expected to challenge the norms of society. Yet when a more conventional personality reveals his femininity moving beyond the image of cross dressing, there can be rather more of a surprise. But, in the hands of the press, what should be a simple ‘surprise’ becomes a bombshell, a bolt from the blue, in fact truly staggering news.

Miss Kitty is an Image of Cross Dressing

Image of cross dressing

Kitty is the image of cross dressing.

A sports correspondent for the BBC claimed that it was appropriate to be shocked that Frank Maloney, boxing promoter, is now Kellie, released from the image of cross dressing to a new reality as she lives her life as a woman. His justification turned on the supposed ‘macho’ character of the world of boxing. An often brutal world made famous by a Heavyweight World Champion who flaunted his handsome, pretty face and floated like a butterfly. The combination of Muhammad Ali’s poetic character, the physical toughness and exuberant femininity of Olympic Gold Medallist Nicola Adams and perhaps even the studied elegance of World Middleweight Champion Chris Eubank should be enough to persuade us to think twice about that exclusively macho characterization seemingly at odds with the image of cross dressing. Whatever view we take, there is no doubt that this is the arena which nurtured Kellie and her image of cross dressing.

The glorious truth is that there is no typical cross-dresser and no standard image of cross dressing. There are cross-dressing men in all walks of life. It is hard to believe that any profession, any career, any institution is immune to the temptations of cross-dressing and the development of that precious image of cross dressing: judges, beefy welders, teachers, boxing promoters, IT consultants, politicians of all parties, top sportsmen, Yorkie munching truck drivers … the list goes on and on. Each separate image of cross dressing an incredible delight.

There is an undercurrent here which deserves some thought as we think about the image of cross dressing. Estimates of the percentage of men who have cross-dressed at some point in their lives vary, with 20% being quoted most frequently. When it comes to regular cross-dressing that figure falls to around 5 to 10%. Opinion polls typically rely on the truthfulness of the respondent. And, where there are connotations of guilt or shame associated with the image of cross dressing, surveys notoriously under-estimate percentages. So we may confidently say that at the very least one in ten men cross dress with some regularity. Consequently the shock expressed in society may have less to do with the fact that a man cross-dresses and rather more to do with the suspicion that this revelation may be, as Grayson Perry wittily intimated as he reflected upon the image of cross dressing, merely the tip of a giant lace and satin iceberg.

Jane dressed in 50’s style another Image of Cross Dressing

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Jane is wearing a black satin full circle dress at the crossdressing service.

It is certainly true that for many who cross-dress there is often an attendant sexual frisson. However, it would be wrong to believe that the motivation for cross-dressing is entirely sexual as opposed to gender-based. Most cross-dressers describe their desire to wear women’s clothes as something deep within them: a need that does not and will not go away. However the image of cross dressing is played out in their lives, and there is no one way of being a cross-dresser, they speak of the need to express a femininity which seems to be an intrinsic part of them and in many cases of the transgender identity they inhabit. It may be stronger when there is tension in their lives, but it is always present even if only in the background at times. And, for very many cross-dressers, this is something which has been a central part of their lives and part of their self-image of cross dressing since childhood. Many of the testimonials on the Dress Me Up website illustrate and support these reflections.

Consider just these three of the many T-girls who have written to JJ thanking her for her incredible help and expertise as she has explored with them their own image of cross dressing. Carolyn who in Crossdressing for Dad describes how feeling rejected as a boy he was drawn to wearing his sister’s clothes and despite the discouragement he experienced came to understand that femininity is an essential part of the person that Carolyn has become. Then there is Hannah who had a different experience, told in Feminization Service, because she was encouraged by her mother and her sister to dress as a girl, experiences which helped to shape her lifelong attitudes to dressing. Or Wendy who in Dressing Service UK, explains how her journey to femininity began in her teens. There are many, many other similarly delightful and heart-warming stories as each girls tells her tale of reconciliation with her own image of cross dressing.

But some of the testimonials also reveal a problem, and one that is directly linked to the question of coming out of the lingerie drawer and bringing that private image of cross dressing into the full light of day. The nature of the relationship between the cross-dresser and his family can be and often is deeply problematic. And it is true that many relationships have been shipwrecked by the rocks close to the surface of these troublesome waters. Because of this, many cross-dressers choose to keep their cross-dressing secret, fearful at best of misunderstanding or at worst of rejection. Marilyn was such a girl as she tells in Cross-dressing Panties, confessing that she was for many years in the ‘married with a suitcase in the loft’ stage of cross-dressing. A secret image of cross dressing.

Or Cassie, who tells us in Crossdressing Transvestite that she has a wife and two kids, is desperate to share her secret but feels unable to do so; and so relies on being able to use JJ’s dressing service to reveal her own special image of cross dressing as she expresses her femininity. Others live in an uneasy truce, with partners reluctantly accepting but not fully embracing their needs, especially if their partner appears to be self-obsessed and selfish in their cross-dressing, forgetting that it takes two to make a relationship work. To share to the full that image of cross dressing. Some however do find complete and unequivocal acceptance by their partners and families, as Caroline appears to have done in Crossdressing Service in Scotland. They find in their partners not just the spouse but also the girlfriend they want so much to build and develop that image of cross dressing. Sadly there are no easy answers here: there is no ‘right’ way ahead: every situation is different and personal judgements must be made.

Yet it is one thing to dress in the private space of one’s home: and of course very many who cross-dress have no desire to break out of this safe haven. It is quite another to venture out fully dressed into the big bad world albeit incognito, with the public image of cross dressing tested to the full. But many cross-dressers yearn for such experiences. It is a further and altogether daunting step which is taken when secrecy is abandoned and not just family but colleagues at work are made aware that they have a new woman in their midst: and one cannot underestimate some of the difficulties which will arise. Living and dressing full-time as a woman, as Kellie Maloney has done for a year, is yet another bold step forward, essential perhaps if one is considering transforming surgery.

If you are a complete novice in the world of cars, you seek professional guidance before buying that second-hand motor. If you need dental treatment, you go to a qualified and experienced dentist. If you are considering buying an expensive antique, you make sure of its provenance by consulting an independent expert. So why would you proceed any differently when trying to understand how to act, how to feel, how to behave as a woman? And, in searching for the right person as your guide to finding just the right image of cross dressing for you, please be aware that, just as there are cowboys in the building trade, there are unscrupulous people in every professional arena.

Those who have discovered wonderful JJ and her crossdressing service come to understand very quickly that they have found a pure golden image of cross dressing.  They may be an occasional and private cross-dresser, or looking to build their self-confidence, or to improve their feminine style, or to discuss their femininity with a sympathetic listener. JJ is guide, teacher, make-up artist, therapist in every sense, critical friend, hypnotist – as well as an aspirational model of femininity. If you are to come out of the lingerie drawer then do not shrug off the need for delicate handling: your self-image of cross dressing may be fragile. JJ will cherish you and your developing femininity. And lead you delicately and with just the right kind of gentle firmness along the path you know you must follow to achieve the image of cross dressing which is perfect for you. And this is a path along which you will need to walk before you start to run.